Best Online Slots

What are The Best Online Slot Games?
Major gaming platforms like Net Entertainment and Microgaming have released several exciting and lucrative slot games. This provides gamers with a variety of options to choose from. Here are the most popular online slot games.

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has been a favorite slot game to online gamers for decades. It comes from the Microgaming platform and has a total of five reels plus 25 pay lines. The progressive jackpot for Mega Moolah goes beyond 1 million euros with a maximum amount of coins in a single game at 125.

2. The Dark Knight

This is yet another issue from the Microgaming franchise attracting a multitude of online slot lovers. The game is based on the Dark Knight movie. It features wild and scatter symbols which allow gamers to exploit bonus rounds. The jackpot triggers randomly and is won when the player makes the right lucky guess.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

This is a unique and innovative slot game from Net Entertainment platform. It is characterized by 20 play lines, five-reel video slot, cutting edge 3D graphics and enthralling sound effects. Gonzo’s Quest has distinctive tumbling reels as well as a free fall bonus round. The slots’ multipliers can go up to 15x for multiple wins in the free spins mode. It is one of the low variance online slot games but with more frequent winning combos and bonuses.

4. When Pigs Fly

This online slot game from NetEnt is just as interesting as the irony of its name. The reels feature a flying pig who is a bold astronaut struggling to reach the outer space. Launching the pig into orbit will unlock the bonus round where the gamer’s winnings can quickly skyrocket.


This exciting slot game features a starlight theme with amazing animations on the reels. It offers lots on fun and massive wins. Getting the scatters to land on the reels offers gamers with large payouts and multipliers going up to 10x.

What is RTP (return to player) at a slot game?
Casinos use Return to Player (RTP) to refer to how much of all wagered money is paid back to players over time. For instance, a slot machine having an RTP of 95% returns $95 for every wagered $100 over its lifetime. RTP is an essential piece of information for the player as it describes the amount of winning the slot machine pays back to the player. As a theoretical concept, several factors influence the outcome of RTP. Such events include extended losing streaks or jackpot wins. Under ideal settings, betting $10 on a machine with an RTP of 90% gives you $9000 for every thousand chances. However, a scenario of this type exists only in fantasy. Realistically, randomness and instances of misfortune or luck always occur.

Mathematical principles of RTP are often deceptive leading to misunderstandings of how slots function. Slot games adjust prizes to match the percentage of its RTP. If below the intended winnings, it gives out more to compensate, whereas a slot giving more prizes goes cold. However, RTP does not always favor the casino. RTP on progressive jackpots frequently exceeds 100% meaning that a player stands to win more than his deposit in the long term. The Return to Player negates myths about slot games. For example, the myths that a slot machine auto adjusts its payouts depending on its payout history. A machine that pays frequently or has recently paid out a significant stake is wrongly anticipated to “go cold.” The inverse is standard for a machine that has not been paying out. However, all spins and payouts are independent and random. Always play games that have higher RTP to player value. As the RTP measures the percentage of money returned to players by the slot machine, not every player receives 95% of their bet. Some receive more while others receive less.

What shall the RTP (return to player) be at online slot games?

Return-to-player percentages vary depending on the casino chosen. This number indicates the amount of money bet that is returned to people playing the game. Most brick-and-mortar casinos return about 80 percent of money bet to players while most online casinos return about 90 percent. In other words, if players spend $100 at a brick-and-mortar casino, the casino may pay back $80. Alternatively, players spending $100 at an online casino often receive $90 back. It is essential to remember that all money is grouped together, so some players will win more than others.

How are Return-to-player Percentages Figured

There are two different common ways for casinos to figure their return-to-player percentage. A casino can figure the amount taken in over a given period and then the amount paid out. Some casinos figure out this percentage across the whole casino while others figure it for slots or other types of games they offer. Alternatively, some online casinos adjust their slot machine software allowing them to control the return-to-player percentage.

Hitting Big on Slots

While some players believe that operators change the return-to-player percentage when a big jackpot is offered, that is usually not the case. The same game can play out smaller payouts frequently or pay out one large jackpot without changing the return-to-player percentage.

What Should a Player Look For?

Many online casinos with slot machines publish their return-to-player percentages. These should usually be higher than 90 percent. Online casinos with a higher percentage return more to players at their sites.