The Genting Club Casino in Birmingham

The Genting Club Casino in BirminghamThe Genting Club Casino in Star City, Birmingham, has been through some name changes over the years and has variously been known as the Star City Casino, Circus Casino and now its current name. It will come as absolutely no surprise that the casino is part of the massive Genting Group based in Malaysia. The company produces more than £3 billion in revenue annually and is the largest casino owner in the UK regarding some venues with 46 on the books. This includes four in Birmingham, but the Genting Club at Star City is considered by many locally and nationally as one of the jewels in the crown, mainly because at the time of opening in 2004 it was the largest casino in the UK, only surpassed in 2008 by Caesar’s Casino at the Empire in London.

While many casinos in the UK are standalone operations, with Genting Club being technically the same, it takes on a more international flavor that will be familiar to players in the US, Canada, and Australia by forming a central part of a wider entertainment complex. Star City itself is a purpose-built facility that brings together cinemas, bars, and restaurants and is the largest entertainment destination in Birmingham outside the city center itself.

Genting Club Star City Casino – The Best Bits

The best news for readers here at CasinoRank that have a chance to visit the Genting Club at Star City is that each and every one of the slots on the casino floor is provided by Novomatic. All of those games, together with much more handpicked titles are all available here on our site meaning that players can familiarize themselves with the features and betting strategies before they even leave the house. All of the games have been made compatible with the Genting Rewards card, another major highlight of the casino experience, and players simply insert their card into the machine to gather points. The slots are backed up by all of the British favorites on the tables like American Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat and once again players can hand their Rewards card to the dealer to accrue points in the same manner.

As would be expected, Genting Rewards points can be accumulated and spent at any Genting location in the country. They work just like reward points at online casinos with points turned back into bets or gift vouchers, or even food and drank at the casino.

Getting the Genting Club Star City Casino Experience Online

As noted, players can start getting the Genting Club experience online without even having to leave CasinoRank. While Novomatic online slots carry country restrictions, players in the UK are free to enjoy all of the titles, and we include every game that can be found at the Genting Club plus much more. Of course, for the true Genting experience, you will want to play for real cash, and you can discover exactly where to do that on each of the individual game pages where we list the top casinos for Novomatic online slots. Best of all, these casinos also feature real money versions of all of the top table games at the land-based casinos, ensuring that anything that you have enjoyed life, you can certainly enjoy at home too.

The nature of the Genting Rewards scheme makes it somewhat easy for us to offer online comparisons as it has plenty in common with standard online systems already. While you can rarely spend online loyalty points on food and drink, you can most certainly convert them back into cash and continue playing with the rewards themselves. Naturally, there is no card to hand over to the dealer or to insert in the slot, and everything is tracked automatically.

Genting Club Star City Casino in Summary

Birmingham’s biggest and best casino is backed by one of the most powerful casino brands in the world and attracts visitors from far and wide to enjoy the clean, a varied and friendly experience that is on offer. As we have hinted at throughout the review, much of the operation has a lot in common with the leading online casinos and so finding a suitable alternative is a breeze, particularly when following our tips above.

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