Video Poker

Why should I always play video poker and slots with max coins?

The standard slots/video poker machine doesn’t offer a flat payout structure. The more you bet, the more times your wager multiplied when you win. Mathematically, it’s, therefore, best to always wager the maximum amount allowed. This is usually also the case if the game offers a progressive jackpot. To qualify for the jackpot, you have to bet max.

Is a slots machine that hasn’t paid out for a while more likely to pay out in the future?

No. A slots session is made up of some random events, which do not affect each other.

Can I get positive expectation in video poker?

On the contrary to most other casino games, certain video-poker machines offer players positive expected value. But how’s that possible? The thing is that you need to deploy the perfect video poker strategy to get an edge, and since most players don’t do that, casinos can give the knowledgeable players an advantage.

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