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Online slots games allow players to wager varying amounts depending on their selection of coin size, some coins and number of paylines. Those players who wager high numbers receive higher payouts and in some cases are more likely to receive payouts. However usually even if players wager the minimum amount they are entitled to all the features of the slots games. But recently some slots games have been released in which if players wager an additional amount they can be entitled to features that will not be available to players who have not wagered this extra bet.

Recommended slots

DC Comics slots

Predominant in this type of slots games are the branded DC Comics slots from Cryptologic. When players have selected all 50 paylines, they can place an extra bet of 10 credits. This means that a player, who has selected 50 paylines and a coin size of $1.00, will wager $60 with the Bonus Bet activated instead of the average $50. The advantage to the player is that an arrangement of symbols can trigger a bonus game on the second screen. This game cannot be triggered if the Bonus Bet is not activated. This bonus game has the potential to offer huge rewards.

1024 Ways

This new bet goes by different names and works differently in different slots games. WagerWorks has slots games like White Orchid in which the additional wager is known as 1024 Ways and is equal to the original wager. Those players who have bet the extra amount play against two payout tables. One is the standard 40 line payout table, and the other is a 1024 line payout table. A win on either payout table counts for the purpose of payouts.

Additional wager spin after spin

The question before players, especially new ones, is whether it is worth placing the other wager spin after spin. Will the extra amount wager provide commensurate returns? If the slots game offers an overall average return to the player of say 95%, then will the performance of the additional wager be less than that, equal to that or more than that? Unfortunately, online slots players do not have the information to answer that question in quantitative terms.

Let us look at the Cryptologic Bonus Bet in some more detail. It asks for 20% more to be wagered. It offers the possibility of a bonus feature. It does not guarantee that the feature will be triggered. Players have to get the required arrangement of symbols on the reels for the bonus game to be triggered. Theoretically, players can play any number of spins with the Bonus Bet active and never trigger the bonus game. The WagerWorks game asks for a 100% extra amount but offers a more reasonable chance of additional payouts through the 1024 ways.


What players need to look at is whether their bankroll permits this other wagering. If it does, then the excitement of playing for something special could be worth it. If a player is a DC Comics superhero fan. Then the hope of triggering a bonus game linked to the superhero legend would be a chance worth taking without bringing gain loss economics into the picture. If the bankroll does not generally permit the additional wager, the player could look at reducing the selected coin size or even the targeted number of spins per session to access the benefits of the additional wagering.
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