Microgaming Tarzan Slot

Online casinos are home to some of the most amazing slot games in the world, and many players have been turning their attention to branded slots. There is high competition in the industry when it comes to these types of slot games, so Microgaming is staying on track and is always working on the development of new games to keep players entertained. In July, Microgaming announced that they had obtained rights to the Tarzan name and will be releasing the new branded game later in the year.


Tarzan is a fictional character that was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in a novel back in 1912. Historically speaking, Tarzan is the most filmed character in movies and has been played by 29 various actors over the years. Tarzan has a presence in all forms of media, including Broadway, television, comic strips, novels and much more. Now, the jungle hero will be featured on an exciting slot game from Microgaming!

Microgaming has not said much about what the game will entail, but it will be focused on Tarzan and players will see other well-known characters like Jane and Archimedes. There will also be many jungle friends that will be seen on the reels. The audio for the game will apparently include Tarzan’s famous yell, which is copyrighted. The game will be released on a desktop and mobile platforms so all can enjoy the new title.

At this point, no one knows the exact specs of the game. It will be a video slot, so there will be multiple paylines, and various betting options and players will also most likely benefit from a standard wild and scatter icon. There will surely be some amazing bonus features added as well as Microgaming is always making use of innovative features to capture the attention of players.


The new Tarzan game is slated to be released in winter of 2016 and players from around the world will be anticipating this great new game. As with most Microgaming games, Tarzan will probably come with a decent RTP and some impressive base game payouts, but until a preview is released, the exact details of the game will remain unknown. Regardless, this will surely be a branded game worth waiting for. It will also be available in a free demo version when it is released.

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