Lesson 1: How To play online slots

How to play online SlotsHow to play online Slots

Slot machines are a very popular form of play, not only in the real Casinos but also online. There are numerous types and variations of slot machines, therefore, it is useful in several slot machines to try to find the best Variation for themselves.

It is very easy to play at Online Casinos. To start the game with the virtual machine, you need first of all your Deposit. Then, it is essential that your desired face value and the coins number selected. Also, do not forget the desired number of paylines to select. After that click on the SPIN button and the Online slot machine will do the Rest! The amount of the payouts depends on the selected coins to the number but usually offers the so-called Jackpot Bonus as the highest payout for maximum coins number. If you trust on your luck, we suggest them, maximum coins number.


A traditional slot machine has three rotating wheels with 22 different symbols on each wheel. Every Time you turn the wheel, the machine on randomly selected symbols. When a right combination with this line, you will be paid the appropriate rate of profit.

Video slot machines are based on a more modern Form of slot machines. They usually have 5 wheels. In the case of Video Slots, you can bet on different Lines and thus multiple wins. Normally, you can play the Video Slots are between 1 and 25 Lines.

Bonus opportunities

Video Slots are often attractive Bonus game opportunities. Online you can try out many of these possibilities, but most of the time it offers the opportunity to win Free Spins if a certain combination of symbols. Free Spins allow you to automatically play a fixed number of Spins, without having to pay for it. It is enough to be attractive, this possibility to exploit in order to win a little bonus money without any risk! To view the payout structure of the slot machines to find the best bonuses.

If you visit an Online Casino, you will see a lot of progressive slot machines. Such machines pay out big profits as a Jackpot Bonus. It is important to stress that the Jackpot size is always growing if someone selects online progressive slot machine and used. The more you play and bet, the higher the Jackpot will crack until it finally someone!

Slot games are a good way to play a little after the heavy working day, and to hope for really big wins, especially if you have enough luck!

How to play Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you decide to play Online Slots, then you will sooner or later encounter Slots with super attractive “progressive Jackpots”, which grow until they are hit by one of the players.

A common strategy of those who know how to play Online Slots is to usually play on these progressive Slots, once the Jackpot has six-digit Numbers.

For the attempt to hit one of the progressive Jackpots, players have to play following the same rules as in the regular Online Slots, with only one requirement: to get the Jackpot, players must go for the maximum bet and not just a single bet or a profit line less.
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