How to Win at Online Casino Slots

How Online Casino Slots Work

How to Win at Online Casino SlotsThe first thing to realize is that online slots are nothing like land-based fruit machines, slots, pokies, call them what you want.  With a fruit machine that you find in your local pub you are playing against that sole standing machine which is set to pay at a level of around 82%, this means the machine will generally pay out £82 to every £100 put in and if you have ever watched someone pump a machine full of money then walk away, you walk up and drop it, because the machine is full and needs to pay out.  This simply doesn’t happen with online slots, and also the same with the slot machines you find in Vegas casinos, which work the same as online slots.  I’m not going to get to in depth here about how online slots work, but basically, a Random Number Generator picks a combination of numbers that correspond to reel symbols, as you can imagine, there are lots of low paying symbols to choose from and only one for the jackpot or wildcard symbols.  So online slots are entirely random, or are they?

How do you Win from Online Slots?

We have so many guides and strategies, as well as walkthroughs to casino slots on this site that we feel give you an extra advantage to beat the casino more often.  The reason we know that online slots are not entirely random is due to the many patterns that we have witnessed and recorded over the years.  Ask yourself this question, How can an online casino state that their slots payout between 96%-99%? This is an official and audited statement that is backed up by authority companies that test the machines.  The way to win from online slots is knowing which machines are high variance, which means they pay less often but hit very big in runs.  Most casinos don’t advertise which of their machines are high variance, mid variance, and low variance.  3Dice casino is the only online casino we know that shows the slot machines variance, which is a cool feature.

How to Win at Online Casino Slots

You have waited long enough, or you have skipped down to this section.  What follows is not a get rich quick scheme, we are going to How to Win at Online Casino Slotsgive you five points and then explain why you need these points to win at online slots.

  1. Choose the right Online Casinos (absolutely paramount, we explain below)
  2. Get yourself an eWallet account, Moneybookers, Neteller, etc. (you should have this already, never deposit with credit/debit card)
  3. Play high variance slots and play at high stakes
  4. Choose the Best Casino Bonus
  5. Don’t play for recreation, you are playing to win and make money

1. Choose the right online casino – You need to play at online casinos that pay out winnings in less than 24 hours to wallets, and casinos that have no reverse withdrawal options.  You need this as you need to move between casinos with your winnings and build it.  You need to only play at the following slots software providers, Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment.  Ignore all others, RTG can be good but only if you have a big cash flow built up.  If you don’t know what these software providers are, don’t worry just follows along, you will pick it up.  Below are a list of online casinos, with their software providers, that pay out winnings fast and don’t have annoying reverse withdrawal periods and most don’t need any id docs to withdraw.

2. eWallet account – Don’t even bother depositing via credit or debit card, its not that online casinos are not safe to deposit at, its because you have to wait 4 days for your winnings to be paid back to your card and you have to provide id documents, scans of utility bills to combat fraud by law.  This slows down your withdrawal times and is a pain.  Use Moneybookers as a first choice, Neteller is ok for UK and Europe but not for the USA.

3. Play High Variance Slots at High Stakes – Below is a list of high variance machines from each software provider.  You need to play at stakes of at least 0.90 per spin, 2.00 for Net Ent slots.  If you deposit £100, then you would look to be playing at no lower than £1.80 per spin.  You are playing high variance and high stakes as you are going to be hitting the slots hard for big wins and then cashing out and moving on.


  • Ladies Night
  • Tally Ho
  • Thunderstruck
  • Summertime


  • Dr Lovemore
  • Desert Treasure
  • A Night Out

Net Entertainment

4. Choose the best Casino Bonus – Casino welcome bonuses are a good way to boost your bankroll/balance to hit the slots hard, but they come with playthrough requirements.  It’s not hard to make the playthrough requirements if your playing high stakes on slots.  The best way to choose a casino bonus is to read through reviews on casino review sites like new casino bonuses and select the bonus that suits you.

5. Don’t play for Fun/Recreation – You are not a stay at home mom; you are not playing bingo, you are here to win.  You should be looking at cashing out £$1000 for every £$100 you deposit.  Try to cash out when you hit your target but leave some money in the account to have one final big hit at the slots.

How to make living playing slots and earn a real income

To basically summarise all the above, you should build up around 10 online casinos that you play at regular, you know they payout fast, you should always check for reload bonuses and ongoing promotions, 888 casinos, for example, have lots of promos that you can opt-in for, but you have to check your email for invites to these bonuses. Casumo also has lots of ongoing free spin promos etc., but you have to keep an eye on your inbox.  You should be looking to win from at least one in every 3 sessions playings online slots.  If your target is £1000 winnings from a £100 deposit and you play 9 casinos a day, then you will be making £3000 from £900 deposited, that’s over £2000 a day, not bad.
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