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Blackjack Player won $15 million at Casinos by beating house edge

Players most often say that they gamble just for the sake of fun or entertainment, but the fact is, fun and entertainment are the second preference the primary motive behind gambling is earning lots of money. However, House Edge is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of people and their million dollar dreams.

House edge is found at almost all the casino games, which ultimately prevent players from enjoying huge profits. But one of the expert Blackjack player Don Johnson has found out the best way to beat house edge and make maximum profit. Let’s take a look at the success story of Don Johnson while playing at Atlantic City.

How to Calculate Your Odds

Gamblers’ Edge

Don Johnson started playing Blackjack in the mid of 90’s, and then continue to play the game and earned millions of dollars. He had a distinct signature look of wearing jeans, hoodie and basketball cap. He carries this look even today.
Johnson started his game by wagering $25 per hand and today years after he is capable to wagers thousands of hand per hand. In December 2010, Johnson played at Caesars Atlantic City, where he wagered thousand of hands and won more than $4.2 million.
During that time he made his way to the Borgata Casino, he started playing Blackjack at Borgata Casino by placing higher stakes per hand. However making a profit at Borgata Casino was not as simple as the Caesars, but still, Johnson managed to scoop out $4.9 million profit over a four-month span.


Tropicana Troubles

In May 2011, when Don Johnson managed to bring his bankroll up to $9 million, he decided to show his Blackjack skills at Tropicana Atlantic City. Tropicana Atlantic City even after knowing about the astonishing success of Johnson in Blackjack allowed him to wager maximum $100,000 per hand during a 12-hour session.
This decision of Tropicana Atlantic City had a hugely adverse effect on the casino, like Don Johnson, he caused Tropicana Atlantic City a loss of $5.8 million i.e. is won $5.8 million while playing at Tropicana Atlantic City. First of all the CEO of Tropicana was fired because he allowed Johnson to wager up to $100,000 per hand. Apart from this, after $5.8 million loss caused Tropicana need to bear a 19.8% drop in the revenue as compared to the previous year.

After this incident, most of the news outlets focused on this story, and everybody was keen to know the success strategy of Don Johnson.

No Secret

The most interesting part of this story is that Johnson managed to bring his bankroll level above $15 million by beating house edge and not by using card counter.

Don Johnson commented,

“They beat most people in the long run because the average person who does not have the bankroll. However, I have my bankroll. If you can take the swings, you are going to win. You also have to understand the math.”

He further reviled that there is not strategy or trick behind his success. He did not want to disclose the strategy he uses.

As per Johnson,

“I believe that luck is above any other strategy and skill. It’s not magic, someone was supposed to win, and I am very thankful to God that he chose me for this.”

He further added,

“I am not a cheater, I beat them with my skill.”

Tropicana, Borgata, and Caesars have all banned Don Johnson at their Casino, and along with them, some Las Vegas casino have also barred Johnson. Apart from being a good Blackjack player, Don Johnson is a CEO at a horse race betting Software Company.
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