Free Spins Bonus

How do the free spins work?

Casinos will give out free spins in one of two ways; either as an offer that is contingent upon the new player putting down a deposit, or sometimes as a no-strings-attached free bonus. The way this deal works is quite simple. A new player registers with an online casino, and as part of the ‘deal’ the casino gifts the new player with a small number of free spins and foregoes the need for a deposit before being allowed to play. When the new player first logs into his or her account, the free spins will be available to play. Often the casino will stipulate which machine the free spins are good for, and typically these will be for low stakes, with the industry standard being 10p or 20p per spin.

The player gets to keep whatever winnings he or she gains while playing the free spins, regardless of how much that may be. Obviously the chances of winning any significant amount on 10p and 20p spins are much slimmer than if the stakes were higher, but as the sole purpose of giving the new player free spins no deposit is not so they can amass large amounts of the casino’s money but more as an enticement to lure players into trying out their casino. This is not to say that big wins are not to be had. Players have occasionally been fortunate enough to strike the big one and win millions using just their free spins. Typically new players can expect to win at least a few times and finish their free spins off with a small sum in their playing account. When you consider that it cost nothing to play in the first place, and there is zero risk to your own money, any sum is nice to start your bankroll with.

We at constantly scour the Internet to find the best no deposit bonuses offered by online casinos. Updates are published daily so you can be sure you have the latest promotions information and therefore the best opportunities to score free slots. We have strict criteria, and if an offer doesn’t stack up, we don’t list it. We want players to be informed of only the very best offers with the fairest terms the market has available for players. We have just as much a love for online casino gambling as you do, and that is one of the primary reasons this service was created. While we are dedicated to bringing you the most current promotions available you can always check other casino portals to see what else may be available. We recommend our friends at, who can also provide you with information about the best free spins no deposit promotions.

Another service we offer at is to gather all the latest information from the top software developers of casino games, big names such as Microgaming, Betsoft, Playtech and Net Entertainment, along with many others. Online casinos are quick to promote new casino games as soon as they become available, which is good news for you because often they will offer free play opportunities. When a new game is introduced to the market be sure to check our site for any promotions offering free spins with no deposit.


Free Spins No Deposit

The attraction of playing free spins no deposit at a casino is that there is absolutely no risk of losing your hard-earned cash and yet still gives players the opportunity to win some real money. is dedicated to providing information about the best promotional free spins offered in the UK, available in the following list. You can also find a list of the best free spin promotions for the Swedish online casinos by checking out the Swedish section of our site.

The popularity of online casino gaming in the UK has grown considerably, making it that much more difficult for operators to compete against each other for new players. Competition has become cutthroat to the point where operators are resorting to attracting new players by offering them a number of free spins no deposit plays. Typically these are offered as a registration or sign up bonus when a player first opens a new account at their casino gambling website. The new player is given the opportunity to win money without running the risk of losing any of their own, and without the requirement of a deposit. No deposit free spins are usually made available to the player as soon as the new account has been created, although occasionally the no deposit bonus is withheld until the new account has been verified. An email will be sent to the new account holder and once the recipient clicks on the verification link within the email body the no deposit bonus will be credited.


Wagering Requirements

Almost all offers of free spins no deposit come with a minimum wagering requirement attached. What this means is that you will be unable to cash out until you have wagered a stipulated amount, which typically the terms and conditions of the casino would have spelled out to you if you read them before accepting the promotional offer. An example of how the wagering requirement works is as follows: If you are given 20 free spins and after playing them all you have winnings of 200 the casino will not allow you to withdraw all of the money until you have wagered a predetermined number of times. This is common to any no deposit bonus offered by a casino and not just free spins. 30 – 40 times the bonus amount is a common wagering requirement by online casinos. Using the example above where your winnings were 200, if the casino’s wagering requirement is 40 times your bonus you would be required to wager a total of 8000 before being granted the right to make a withdrawal. While this may seem an intimidating amount to the novice, betting high stakes on a few rounds will soon satisfy the casino’s wagering requirements and a withdrawal will then be granted.

Finding a casino that doesn’t require a deposit, offers a high number of free spins and has a low wagering requirement is not only advised but necessary. The ability to satisfy the casino’s wagering requirements will be made easier if the bonus is really good and the requirements are low. Be aware that in some online casinos roulette and most live games do not contribute toward the wagering requirement because in roulette players can place matching bets on both black and red, wager a sum and not be able to lose. Typically fruit machines all contribute toward the wagering requirement. It is important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions attached to the free spins no deposit offer before playing so you know exactly what is required and are not in for any unpleasant surprises when you try to make a withdrawal.

One of the other stipulations casinos sometimes place on no deposit free spins is a withdrawal cap. A player will only be allowed to withdraw a certain amount of the winnings from his free spins. If you choose to withdraw up to the cap, but you had won more than the cap amount, the balance will be voided.

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Free Slots

The excitement surrounding the world of online casino gaming is huge, and it seems that every day there are new sites being launched. This is a great era to be getting involved in online gambling, either at the player level or the operator level. One of the things that have helped create this mounting excitement is slots. Having been around since the 1960’s and 1970’s, slots have always been one of the most popular games in real-world casinos and arcades. Online casino gambling and free slots have rocketed slots to an even higher level of popularity.

The noisy lever-pulling of years gone by has been replaced by the quiet but powerful mouse click. State of the art graphics have made online slots every bit as good as the real thing, and some would say even better. Given the popularity of slots, it is not surprising that promotions offering no deposit free slots, and free slots are constantly drawing in new players. Being offered free online slots is difficult for players to resist, and the more offered, the better.

Before you start grabbing every free slots promotion being offered there are a few things you should know in order to gain the best advantage from free slot offers. The following guide will give you some much needed insight into how free slots work and how to get the most out of them.


Free Roulette

Gambling, in one form or another, has been around for a very long time. In Ancient Roman times, men would wager on the outcome of a gladiator bout, risking a few coins for the thrill of winning. A trip back through the years will reveal that one casino game, in particular, has always enjoyed a great reputation, often being the casino’s centre of attraction. Roulette has attracted the rich and famous and been surrounded with an aura of glamour and glory. During Monte Carlo’s heyday, the upper class would often be seen dressed in expensive formal attire, standing around the roulette table, waiting with anticipation to see what number the wheel stops on. Modern day roulette is no longer just for the upper class and is now accessible to people from all walks of life, both online and offline, partly due to the introduction of online roulette free play.

Where once there was just one version of roulette offered, the online casino gambling world now offers a number of versions designed to cater to every type of player, whether it be mini-roulette or the increasingly popular European version of the game. In an effort to allow all players to experience the thrill of roulette, many online casinos provide players with free access to the game. While the version of the game may vary from casino to casino, allowing you to bet on either red or black with zero risk of losing your own money is common to them all.

If you find yourself developing a growing fascination for the game of roulette and wanting to try your hand at it, read this article to find out how to make the most of your free plays, and how to avoid the potential risks involved.


Free Bets

Years ago the only way to place a wager on your favourite sports team, player or race horse involved a trip down to the local bookmaker. The bookmaker’s shop was not the most attractive place to go, often filled with unsavoury people and smoke-filled air; it was a place to get in, place your bet and get out of again as quickly as you could. Today the presence of a bookmaker’s shop is extremely rare, with most people choosing to make their bets online.

Sports betting has been a big business for a very long time, with huge amounts of money exchanging hands on a daily basis. With the advent of online sports betting a person can bet on almost any game being played in any part of the world. What has made online sports betting even more attractive are the free bets that many online bookmakers are offering today, something that was unknown in the past. Gamblers can now enjoy the true potential free bets, and all-round free bet action sports betting provides.

Regardless of what the bookmakers call it, free bet no deposit or free bets no deposit, one thing is for sure; submitting a betting slip has gotten incredibly easy. The challenge is to find the best free bet no deposit, but fierce competition between bookmakers gives you a distinct advantage when you shop around.

The following article goes into great detail about free bets, taking you all the way from the bonuses offered at sign up to the VIP bonuses, and all bonuses offered in between. This article will provide you with all the knowledge you will need to get the best from the bonuses being offered today.


New Casino

When considering the world of gambling as it exists today, you can’t help but think about the huge number of online casinos and gambling sites that are dominating the Internet. Once thought to be a flash in the pan, these online gambling sites have proven the sceptics wrong by becoming more popular than real-world casinos. There are several reasons a new online casino generates excitement among gamblers, and it’s only in part because everyone is eager to see what the new casino has to offer.

So what can we expect when a new online casino is launched? The first thing to come to mind is the quality and variety of bonuses being offered. Getting something for free is attractive to gamblers and non-gamblers alike, but when a new casino offers no deposit gamblers can’t help but be excited by the prospect of taking advantage of it. Having cash in hand and a wealth of new casino games on offer can make temptation very difficult to resist. When state-of-the-art technology is added to irresistible bonuses, there is nowhere else a gambler wants to be than playing at the new casino.

Are you looking for a change? Seeking some variation to the casino games, you are currently playing? Then we have the information you need. The following article covers everything you need to know before choosing a new casino site to play on, such as what to look for and how to know if the casino you choose is right for your betting budget, interests and needs.


Online Casino

It’s not uncommon to hear gamblers reminisce about the so-called ‘good old days’ of casino gambling when the norm was to dress up and make an event out of playing a few hands in a classy establishment. What these gamblers will often gloss over is how annoying it was to have to go to that much effort to spend a couple of hours at the roulette wheel or poker table. The online gambling world made the habit of dressing up in one’s finery to gamble obsolete, and now people from all over the world can play their favourite games in the comfort of their own living rooms, any time of day or night, dressed in their pyjamas if they wish.

Where once players were limited to the games offered in their local area, online casino gambling has opened up so many opportunities to play games that beforehand were not available. The industry as a whole has undergone a significant change for the better as more and more online casino UK brands have appeared on the scene. The limited choices of local gambling halls have been passed over for the virtually unlimited options offered to players online. Online casinos cater to every type of gambler regardless of what their favourite game is, with everything from Keno to American Roulette, and everything in between, being on offer. In addition to the attraction of having a vast selection of games available, online casino promotions and incentives sweeten the deal considerably.

Doing your research before diving head first into the world of online casino gambling will insure you have a much better experience. The following article takes you through the world of Internet casinos, explaining all the things you need to know to navigate these exciting new waters.


Online Slots

For those who have been around for more than a few years, the memory of physically pulling a lever on a slot machine in a casino or arcade probably still brings a smile to your face. The slot machines of yesterday are now nothing more than a memory for many, with online slots now being the name of the game. Going from strength to strength over the past two decades, one of the main attractions and reason for the crazy popularity gain of online slots in the UK is how easy they are to access. The days of travelling to a casino and vying for a vacant seat at a slot machine are long gone as a growing number of players turn to the Internet to satisfy their passion for gambling. Anyone with a laptop or smartphone can immediately gain access to thousands of online slots UK, from any location, any time night or day.

As online slots have rocketed into unbelievable popularity the need to provide a wider variety of slots has become evident. Operators have addressed this need and now supply more online slots than you can ever imagine. Everything from the modern 5-reel all the way back to the original 3-wheel (and everything in between) can be found online, in a diverse range of sizes, shapes and styles. No matter what your slots preference is it is sure to be catered to.

If you have a strong desire to try out online slots for yourself, it is not in the least bit surprising. If you are wondering where to start and where to get all the information you need to play, then the following article is for you. You will learn all the ins and outs of playing slot machines so that you can quickly master them and get down to the serious matter of winning.


Slot Machines

During the 1980’s and 1990’s slot machines dominated real-world casinos and gambling halls. There wasn’t a pub, club or amusement arcade that wasn’t home to one or more of the machines. While once considered ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, at least in the world of gambling, the old and tired lever-style machines now fail to offer players the fast paced experience they seek.

Along came the online slots with their brilliant graphics and fast action, and players found their waning interest in slot machines being kicked back into high gear. A new era of slot machines had arrived, and players are hooked.

Online slot machines now hold the top spot in the gambling world, offering much more excitement today than they ever did. With incredibly realistic graphics, intense game play and instant access, online slots can compete with many of the top video games played today. Gone are the days of pulling a noisy lever and waiting impatiently for sluggish wheels with fading images to roll around and finally come to a lumbering stop. The new age of slots has turned the gambling world on its ear, but what has drawn huge numbers of new players to try them out is the number of free slots being offered as incentive today. When you mix free slots with the modern version of these all-time favourite machines, you have a recipe for not stop action and excitement that any gambler will find irresistible.

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