Casinos using Rival Software

Visionary entrepreneurs, creative artist, and well-seasoned developers came together, and after years of research and development, they were able to make Rival online gaming launch itself where it used GIGSE as its springboard in 2006.


Despite Rival having offered over 160 unique games that are available on desktop and mobile, they also offer the profitable and the revolutionary i-Slots ™. Since their unveiling in 2006, over 52 operators from all over the world have been given license to Rival games and Casino Platforms. In 2014 Casino Software rival was redesigned, where they give their customers access to a live chat in their lobbies, and also mobile gaming was made available in their portfolio. Rival games are produced using PHP, PHP, Adobe Flash, AS3, and JavaScript. Their current technique of re-releasing games has enabled them to offer games with more updated feet. Recently, Casino Controller ™ which is a casino platform was developed by Rival, state of the art back-end, customizable functionality and hundreds of pages are some of the unique features found in this casino platform. With Casino Controller ™ you can access and monitor the real-time reports, remember you can gain real-time reports using any form of PDA or your iPhone. The casino platform is so effective in such a way that you minimise all security risks and fraud risks but still get to access critical information since the platform is flexible, powerful and has easy to use back end allows. Casino Controller ™ comes with ClassAct ™ system, with the system you save time since you don’t have to set rules that you require to target a given player manually, the trade-marked automation tool allows you to do this automatically. As I conclude, Rival has made everything that you will require to run a casino readily available to you, meaning you and your team will have plenty of time to do marketing and carry out player acquisition.

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