Casinos using Push Gaming

Some casino software developers deal with porting games from land to the online and mobile interfaces. However, not all developers have managed to achieve the kind of results Push Gaming has achieved with its porting. The London-based Push Gaming consistently works with its team of iGaming professionals to help land-based game developers and suppliers to transition to the iGaming market.


Push Gaming was founded in 2010 by James Marshall and William Lee; who since its inception have solely focused on creating partnerships with land-based suppliers. Due to their dedication to this goal, Push Gaming currently boasts of a huge supplier and customer base comprised of game providers, mobile operators and professional iGamers. The land-based games ported online by push gaming are of a redefined quality, developed using HTML5 and optimised for the mobile interface.Fortunately for Push Gaming, an amendment to the online gaming regulations have made it easier for them to move many games from land to the online market. Thus, with the ability to transition more gaming products to the wider online market. The online market provides the opportunity to access previously unreachable clients. The shift to online also retains the former on-land gamers who loved the game. They would simply cross-over and play the same favourite games on a digital platform.Developers have to take into account several factors while porting a game from on-land to online to come up with the most user-friendly product at the end. This is because, unlike the version of the game on the ground, which can be customised to fit individual preferences, the online version is a one-size-fits-all situation. On the flipside, however, the product isn’t limited to by boundaries. The only limitation would be the fact that some computers possess a limited bandwidth, but this is a challenge that developers can overcome in the design stage.

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