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If you are looking for one of the best casino software's available today, then Playtech is a perfect choice. They provide an enjoyable and smooth experience one should expect from software. The graphics utilised for all casinos that utilise Playtech are immaculate, and the details alone speak volumes as you can see in the slot machines and table games.With Playtech casinos offering almost 100 games including the many variations, they are the most well-known software on today's market.Since 2000, Playtech has been a major player in online casino software. Their reputation is well known for creating systems that will make gaming better each day as well as continuing to be the most reliable software available. Playtech went public on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) in 2005. This skyrocketed their technology and allowed them to be more powerful in the software industry.Playtech ranks among one of the best software providers for online casinos. Their numbers speak for themselves because their software isn't available to just anybody. When it comes to licensing, they only give one to the most reputable casinos that have become popular over time. Casinos that are licensed are monitored vigorously to help prevent bad player experiences which could ultimately cause a bad company image. Knowing this, Playtech can be even more trusted to continue to give players excellent reliability, atmosphere, and security.Releasing New Games Continuously Playtech's greatest feature is that they continuously release new games or game versions. Their licenses include some big name slots which will have you feeling like you are in Vegas.

Which Games Do They Include?

The Playtech software can be found on a lot of Poker games and their most notable iPoker, live games and sports betting just to name a few. They also have many brands of entertainment whom they partner with. A couple of these include HBO and Marvel. So it's obvious that their selection of themed games will be vast.

PlayTech Gaming Casino Software

In less than two decades PlayTech has positioned itself as the largest supplier of online gaming software in the world. The company, originally established in the Virgin Islands, began operations in 1999. With a keen focus on customer service and the functionality of its products, PlayTech quickly became an industry leader. The continued growth of the Play Tech brand allowed the company to go public in 2006. That year PlayTech opened on the London Stock Exchange with an initial valuation of over £500. PlayTech continued to expand and used its platform to improve virtually all aspects of the online gaming world. From technology to security, to payment options PlayTech has been at the forefront of the continued development of the industry.

PlayTech Casinos

With the many offerings of Play Tech and the company’s diverse customer base, one would be hard-pressed to name the best PlayTech casino. However, a quick look at just of a few of the company’s offering and it becomes quickly evident that PlayTech offers something for all interested in the world of online gaming.One favorite casino making practical use of PlayTech software is Coral gaming services. Coral pride itself on the variety of devices serviced and eased of use of its product. Users of both PCs and Macs can have an account opened, and a game is running in a matter of minutes. Coral also offers specific apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and tablets.A second competitor in the running for best Playtech casino is Gala Casino. Gala Casino has been much heralded for the great visuals and dynamic gameplay that comes with using Playtech products. Customers at Gala are given the option of instant play or the choice of downloading the company’s software. The downloadable version of Gala Casino’s offerings gives customers access to over 400 high-quality games.The Ace Kingdom is another favorite online casino that uses PlayTech software. The Ace Kingdom has access to over 500 PlayTech designed games that it can switch out at will to keep game options fresh and varied. This open software system powered by PlayTech is even more impressive when taking into consideration that PlayTech produces over 50 games a year. This is a favorable situation for both the Ace Kingdom and its customers as the casino has seemingly a never-ending supply of new games.

PlayTech Slot Games

The Hallmark of the PlayTech brand is the multitude of top-quality slot machines the company produces. PlayTech slots are known for having the best graphics in the gaming business as well as the most dynamic gameplay. With literally thousands of slots for casinos to choose from, one would once again have a tough time deciding a single best offering from PlayTech.After scoring major success twice with Iron Man slot machines, PlayTech went for the trifecta. The Iron Man 3 slot machine is a 25-reel machine with an extraordinary presentation. Both graphics and sound effects are executed at a near perfect level. To add to the experience, an iron man forms on the left side of the screen whenever a player achieves a winning spin. Even better, the iron man slot machine has a feature that affords a player a choice between three free spins. Whenever a player spins and achieves three scatters he can then choose either ten free games with freezing wilds, eight free games with random wilds or 15 free games with a dynamic multiplier.Mr Cashback is a 15-pay line, 5-reel slot machine that too is among PlayTech’s most popular offerings. While Mr Cashback does not have the visual and sound excellence of some other PlayTech games, the array of bonuses this slot machine offers more than makes up for any shortcomings. The first of these bonuses is the free spin feature. Whenever a player achieves three logos anywhere on the screen with a spin, the free spin feature is activated. A player is then awarded 12 free spins that are granted a 2x multiplier. Mr Cashback also offers a namesake cashback feature. With this feature, if any pay line comes up empty on 50 continuous spins a player receives a payout of 50 times your original line bet.The Avengers slot machine is another PlayTech machine boasting of stellar presentation. The Avengers slot machine possesses all there is to offer in graphics, music, and effects. However, this machine offers just as much substance as it does style. A cool feature in this game is the Wall of Heroes bonus. When three scatters appear on screen, a player progresses to a match game. The player picks random symbols until three of these symbols match. When this happens, the player is awarded a bonus game that corresponds to the appropriate hero.

PlayTech productsThough well-known for its casino slot machines PlayTech is far from a one-trick pony. PlayTech offers cutting edge technology in both poker and bingo. The company offers sports betting solutions which include live betting on games throughout the sports world. Playtech is also one of the leading software developers for sites offering online lotteries.

Features and Designs at PlayTech Slots and Casinos PlayTech offers a bevy of solutions that set them apart from the competition. The recent addition of Kiosk gambling demonstrates how PlayTech is always one step ahead of other casino software providers. PlayTech offers live dealers, an extensive rewards program and provides both transaction history and 24/7 customer service to customers. PlayTech is a certified member of the gaming consultant, a respected company that assures the fairness of gaming products.

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