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The History of Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 making it one of the pioneers of the online gaming industry. They developed their in-house Net Entertainment Casinossoftware and launched their first casino in 2000, with a further four going live that same year. In 2002, they released the Casino Module and then signed up their first sportsbook licensee. The casino Module is a complete casino solution that combines fantastic casino style games with an impressive management system. Today, Net Entertainment is a pure software development company after selling off their internal casinos in 2005.Net Entertainment is publicly listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, and it is headquartered in Sweden. In 2006, Net Entertainment's Casino Module was voted one of the top twenty Internet gaming products. In 2007 they developed some of the best video slots in the industry, and their business saw a real boost. Net Entertainment casinos do not accept US players.

Third Party Approval

Net Entertainment is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority which approves all new games that the software company develops. Also, their Casino Module has been verified for randomness by two independent third party companies, one in Sweden and one in Canada.PLEASE NOTE: Canadian, Italian, and Belgium residents are unable to play any NetEnt slot or casino game.

NetEnt 20 years – An interview with CEO Per Eriksson


More about the Software

All software development for Net Entertainment is done in-house. More than sixty online gaming operators use their Casino Module. Their software has been developed to the highest standard with many innovative and user-friendly features that make it a pleasure to use. Among its features are excellent management capabilities, a wide range of language support options, enjoyable games, and great usability. In fact, Net Entertainment provides full support in 22 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Estonian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian. Their management system allows you to view graphical reports and review vital performance data. The backend management system is web-based, so it is readily available wherever you are. They have developed approximately 100 online casinos games, including all of your favorite casino games. These include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, sic bo, pai gow poker, keno, scratch games and more. They also offer around 50 online slots games and run regular online slots tournaments. The graphics for their games are realistically designed, and the overall feel is enjoyable.Net Entertainment CasinosNet Entertainment software exists in Java only which means that it is no-download software and can be played without delay waiting for downloads and from any computer that has Java installed.One of the latest and most exciting updates of the Net Entertainment’s product list is NetEnt Touch™, launched at the end of 2011. It’s a product that contains casino games designed specifically for mobile, and the company made sure it complies even with the most stringent customer demands for quality graphics and interesting themes.In addition, some of its other features involve games that include some of the most popular titles, with high stickiness and quality, availability to all IOS devices, with simpler navigation and full screen text for easier use on smaller devices, as well as excellent geotargeting with +22 languages and +25 currencies and full integration with the Net Entertainment Casino platform.

Customer Support

Net Entertainment aims to make customer support as accessible and helpful as possible for their clients. By helping their licensees to run the most successful online casino operations possible, they are in fact contribute to ensuring that the players have the most fruitful and smooth experiences possible.

Net Entertainment Casinos Reputation

Net Entertainment is highly regarded among the no-download software providers. Its casinos have a reputation for providing a good variety of free tournaments. They have a quick and simple sign-up process, and their payouts are handled promptly.

Net Entertainment Casinos list:

If you're looking for a great gaming option, consider NetEnt. This is a gaming software provider that began in 1996 and was developed by one of Scandinavia’s top offline casino operators. In the past 20 years, the company has provided some of the highest pay-out and exciting games in the online casino market. What makes it a standout provider of online gaming is its collective reliability and diversity of gaming experience.The company originally operated from Sweden, but it is active throughout most of Europe. It has one office still in Sweden and another office in Malta. The company procured a gaming license in Malta in 2005. The value was having a home country that understood the changing needs of online gaming. Malta is a center for licensing in terms of gaming because of its dedication to online gaming excellence. NetEnt employs more than 200 people, whose direct focus is the production and development of innovative and unique games. The motto of the company is heralding their drive to improve the overall gaming market with “better gaming”.NetEnt became an online casino and premier developer of games. The reality is that NetEnt games are utilized by some of the world’s most prominent and successful internet gaming operators. What makes the company different, is that they provide a complete gaming package with a range of games that people love, the latest technology and ease-of-play for all visitors. The company draws from their initial experience with gaming and using technology, has driven their brand to a top provider.In 2002 NetEnt launched its own casino. What made it unique was its rich content and complete gaming options. Its success was evident when in 2009 it was listed on the NASDAQ. It took just one year for the company to see a profit—a sign of how prolific internet gaming was becoming. One thing that company executives instinctively recognized was that gaming alone would not drive the company. It was necessary to delve into what the true possibilities were with online gaming and capitalize on the growing technological options. Engaging specialists in the industry, the company developed not only as a power-house in the industry but as a top provider.Keeping up with the times, NetEnt ventured into the mobile gaming world in 2011. People are moving to their mobile devices, rather than their desktops, in droves. As the mobile market continues, NetEnt is focused and ready for the move. They provide hundreds of games for the public. On top of that though, the company offers marketing services, technical services, training services, and hosting solutions for some of the biggest online casino players.

Netent Casinos

You can also find NetEnt casinos that take the best of their advancements and bring them to the internet. NetEnt is a leader and their online casinos are the center of it all. Here are some of the best online NetEnt-fueled casinos you’ll find:• Rizk Casino. This is the best NetEnt casino that offers plenty of benefits. First of all, if you're a new player, you can get a 200-percent bonus of up to 100-pounds free. It also comes with 10-free spins. In the world of online gaming, free spins are a huge benefit. It has more than 5 progressive casinos to enjoy and more than 200 different games that include blackjack, roulette, video poker, slots and baccarat.• Betsafe Casino. Betsafe is another casino that you’ll enjoy and it will allow you to take advantage of the NetEnt technology and expertise. This one offers you a 100-percent bonus upon sign-up that can get you an additional 250-pounds for free. You can start your gaming with Gonzo’s Quest to get 50-free spins also. It has more than 600 games that come with a whopping 15 progressives to maximize your money. You’ll find blackjack, roulette, sports betting, slots, keno and video poker here.• Guts Casino. Guts Casino is also a leader in the world of NetEnt gaming. It has a 300-pound sign-up bonus and gives you 100-free spins on StarBurst slots game. You can enjoy no-deposit free-spins with no wagering required.Any one of these casinos will give you a taste of the best NetEnt casino experience. You can see immediately the number of choices are vast and the advantages are plentiful.See a list of all Netent Casinos

Netent Slot Games

One thing you’ll love about NetEnt is the number of slots games that they provide. Slots are games that everyone can play. The nice thing about them is that they require no tutorials or studying. They are completely based on luck. If you are looking to venture into the slots world, consider starting off with the games that interest you most. The best thing about slots by NetEnt is that they come in a huge array of configurations and themes. If you love movies, celebrities, horses or fashion, you’ll find a slots game that is based on that theme. You also can find slots games that offer the perfect coinage for your budget. Some slots games take pennies and some take wagers of up to fifty-dollars per spin. What is nice is you get to pick what machines work for you.When you're picking a NetEnt game, you can rest assured that you likely are going to love the experience. The company is a master at creating games that have dynamic visuals, integrated sound, and interesting layouts. Here are some of the best NetEnt slots games to start with:• Dead or Alive slots game. This is a slots game that was developed by NetEnt to showcase the wild, wild west. You’ll enter a virtual saloon with this slots game and find some of the best payout potential in the slots market. This game is a 9-payline game that has 5-reels, which is a particularly fun configuration when spinning. It has free spins, multipliers and a bonus game also, so you’ll likely have hours of fun playing.• Jack and the Beanstalk slots game. This is another popular slot that is at the top of the NetEnt list. It is based on the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk of course, but brings you 5-reels and 20-paylines to enjoy. This is a special slots game because it was configured with a special 3D layout that lets you truly draw your eyes into the game. It comes with wilds, scatters, free spins and multipliers to play with.• StarBurst slots game. Lastly, StarBurst slots game by NetEnt is a more traditional game, but not in a bad way. This is a game that harkens back to the original games that were much simpler. Don’t let that fool you though- NetEnt built enough excitement into it to keep it at the top of the list of best slots. This video slot has 5-reels and comes with wilds and free spins to make the most of your wins.You can get a taste of what NetEnt’s slot suite is like from any of these three top games, or you can just delve right into their entire list of hundreds of fantastic games. When you get more used to the games, you can also participate in their online slots tournaments, progressive slots and real-money slots.

Netent Products

One thing that sets NetEnt apart also is its ability to offer premier gaming solutions. They offer the vast array of top-notch games in a variety of different mediums. They also offer a customized live casino experience. This is a great option for customers because they get the opportunity to maintain their online profiles via the desktop and their mobile devices. NetEnt also offers pooled jackpots. This means that you have access to the largest payouts, which is another way to draw in more customers. Who doesn’t want the option of having a life-changing payout? That’s why most people love gaming!With NetEnt you’ll find the full support you need to operate a top-tier online gaming casino. Whether you're looking to integrate more games to your current online casino, want to start from scratch with an online gaming center or you're merely looking for some good games for personal use, the name NetEnt is the one to follow.

Features & Designs at Netent Slots and Casinos

What you’ll love about NetEnt is the features and designs of their slots and casinos. You’ll immediately notice how flexible and all-encompassing their solutions are. The visuals are integrated with sound; the sound is integrated with payouts, etc. When NetEnt slots are on the screen, you’ll be drawn in quickly to the total experience, which is what the company is all about.The casino solutions are complete and robust. What you’ll love here is the ability to build your gaming solution with one company. The support is comprehensive and the products are outstanding. Overall, NetEnt is a great place to start your online gaming journey.
Net Entertainment is a renowned software company that develops world-class casino games, played by millions of people in the world. For more than two decades, NetEnt has been among the leading companies globally that produce exciting casino games.The games developed by Net Entertainment have user-friendly features, which enable the players to enjoy the lively moments when playing them. The company's headquarters are in Malta and Sweden. It is a successful firm with more than 600 employees, who are experts in different fields.

History of NetEnt

Since its founding in 1996, Net Entertainment has enjoyed massive growth and achievements. The emergence of NetEnt has some vital connections with Cherryföretagen, which was the traditional casino world in those years. Bill Lindwall’s son and Pontus Lindwall founded the company. They had sufficient experience in the area of gaming and casino games. That is why they were successful in establishing Net Entertainment, which became popular because of the production of fantastic casino games. In the 1990s, the online casino games started becoming popular in different nations. Therefore, the founding of Net Entertainment software in that period was perfect, which enable it to become a pioneer in the field. Officially, they launched their first casino game online in 2000. In 2002, NetEnt introduced CasinoTM, which was warmly embraced by millions of casino lovers globally.

Key Achievements

The company received the gaming license in Malta in 2005. It enabled the software firm to function effectively with a large number of qualified staff members. They always hire experts that are highly innovative. The professionals develop exciting casino games. The company was listed on the NGM Equity in 2007, and it also moved to the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s main list in 2009.In 2015, Net Entertainment launched various operators in the United States of America and other countries. It enabled the company to acquire gaming licenses in Spain and UK.NetEnt celebrated lots of successes during its 20th anniversary in 2016. Although they had humble beginnings, the company is now able to make massive profits every year. Most of their online casino games are mobile compatible. Therefore, people from different nations can access them comfortably in their homes.

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