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microgaming casinos

Offering a technology as a provider has allowed for MicroGaming to stream their games and services across the broad online market. MicroGaming is a preferred technology for online casinos to utilize in that is an entire flash play feature that requires no additional downloads or hard drive space.One of the leading casinos using MicroGaming technology is LeoVegas. LeoVegas is relatively new to the online gaming space, but their use of innovative technology and new applications have brought them quickly to the realms of the top competitors in this space. Winning awards each year for innovations, technology, graphics and other such accolades have brought an incredible sense of recognition to this casino in its infancy. The partnership between MicroGaming and LeoVegas has brought notoriety and recognition to both parties, and it should continue to flourish over the years.Two other parties that rely heavily on MicroGaming are Party Casino and Dunder Casino. Both have created a name for themselves in the industry and feature a strong user rating. Their popularity has flourished due to sound play and easy access gaming for their customers. Customer service is at the epicenter of both of these casinos, and without it, they may lack the intrigue they hold today. MicroGaming has backed all of the machines and gaming services offered at both of these establishments. As MicroGaming continues to implement new technology and services, these casinos are allowed to grow at a fast pace.

MicroGaming Slot Games

The slot games are the number one contributors to the success of MicroGaming. These no download, classic flash games allow for users to stream their games in a quick fashion. Ease of access and playing these games at any time allows for users to have fun at any time they please. Below are just a few of the featured slots at MicroGaming. One of the key factors to success is a company's ability to produce slots and games that mimic certain movies, celebrities or what have you. One of the most popular machines featured is the Hitman machine. This slot is modeled after the successful Agent 47, a man of mystery and deception. While his morals lead a life a mystery, there is no playing around when it comes to winning with this traditional slot series. This is a five-reel machine that features a whopping 15 pay lines. The character is brought to life as you take your journey through play with video clips, soundtracks and special mission instructions. Successful completion of your mission will bring the user lavishing funds with fun around each corner. Take this high-intensity machine for a spin and see if you can succeed in accomplishing the most daring of missions.A second favorite machine is Thunderstruck II. This second installment produced by MicroGaming brings higher payouts and carries a larger intrigue than its original counterpart, Thunderstruck. Thunderstruck II brings the same 5-reel slot interface but enables the user 243 different ways to win each time they spin. Increasing the ways to win is met by the increased bonus features. Wilds, scatter wins, four different free spin options and bonus multipliers all contribute to higher payouts each time you play. Wild Storm and Thor's Lightning will produce extra wilds and scatter features that are aligned to increase your earnings. Rolling Reels make up for the lack of jackpot values that will increase as you play. The more you play, the more you are eligible to win.

MicroGaming Products

MicroGaming is a technology and a product line that is featured heavily across the entire online industry. One key element into leading this production is the ability of their services to be streamed in 24 different languages. Adding to accessibility efforts are the use of flash software instead of downloads. This allows MicroGaming to reach a larger market and dimension of business others can only strive to achieve. Two separate components have been added to Microgaming's product lines and will lead to a bevy of future successes.One product line is the Viper series from MicroGaming. This mixes all the offerings mentioned at MicroGaming with some of the richest quality out there. High graphical intrigue and rich content help bring of eye-popping games and features. This software adds the latest technology to an already incredible gaming range. It is regularly updated to bring the most reliable technology to the table at all times.A second component that MicroGaming is currently experimenting with is VR technology. We know that virtual reality is taking the world by storm and MicroGaming has finally thrown their hat into the ring for this push of technology. Through the VR experience, the user will be able to link in with the live look of the most famous casinos and will find separate themes to attract different interests. Imagine peeking at your cards in a hand of Texas Hold Em' as you scan the faces of your most revered opponents. You also with be able to broaden your scope as far as navigation is concerned. The VR technology is still in the beta testing phase, but expect the release of this innovative technology in a few short years. The sky is the limit at Microgaming: it is always a treat to see what they will whip up next. The revolutionary concept of getting casino games across to millions around the world has caught up like wildfire. A sojourn that began way back in the year 1994 by the innovative company Microgaming Software Systems today has become the world’s leading software provider for the online gaming industry.The first genuine online casino in the year 1994 was their brainchild. A humble beginning way back has turned the world of online gambling with many online casino operators being powered by Microgaming Software Systems.Well, winners take it all. February 2008, saw the biggest ever online casino winner with the winner taking away $6,374,434 for a bet of just 25 pennies over the Mega Moolah progressive slot.Microgaming Software Systems has always believed in delivering simple, crisp and easy to use software bundles which have made them ever popular and pushed them to the forefront. Their selection of the right sounds and graphics has added to great customer experience. Their expertise in the field of online gaming has only added to their customer and investor base. They have been using cutting edge technologies to cater to the every growing popularity of the industry. The year 2010 saw them launching the Quickfire games, and the year 2016 started with Virtual Reality headset usage imbibed in their games. Their foresight has strengthened Their phenomenal growth. Today for those on the move they have Mobile Casino games that can be used to play games on your smartphone and other devices. Online gaming enthusiasts can rest assured that they will come up with new things with the ever changing digital technology and provide their customers with hassle free online gaming experience. That is what their history proves.

Microgaming Casino software

Microgaming was the first company to provide software for an online casino way back in 1994. From that time on, Microgaming has been a leader in the field, developing games and applications and providing software for over 120 casinos and 40 poker rooms.

Applications and Services

Microgaming develops both downloadable and online software. They carefully ensure that either version of the same game is identical in gameplay. They provide uniquely branded graphics and offer a customer support service for players at their client's casinos and poker rooms.

Microgaming Casino Games and Features

Microgaming offers over three hundred different casino games. Here are some of the many options available at Microgaming based casinos:
  • Download or play online.
  • Real money and practice modes.
  • Advanced sounds and graphics in a downloadable casino.
  • Options to personalized casino lobby for every player.
  • Automatic updates and upgrades.
  • Full game instructions including tutorials and strategies.
  • Multiplayer games - including Blackjack and Slots.
  • Languages - Currently their software is available in thirteen different languages.
  • Live Dealer - these are played with real cards (or roulette wheels etc.) and dealers, instead of relying on software. Real time video streaming enables players all over the world to join in from their computers.

Progressive Jackpots

Microgaming's progressive jackpots are the largest on the internet. All casinos using Microgaming's software may participate, although not all do. Whether a casino participates or not should be verified before signing up. Since the company's establishment, nine players have become millionaires through winning a progressive jackpot. Their website states that over $225,000,000 has been paid out to over six thousand people.

Microgaming Poker Rooms

Microgaming software supports all the popular poker variants, including Texas Hold'em and Omaha, Hi-Lo variants, stud and draw Microgaming Casino softwaregames. As with their casinos, the software is available both online and as a downloadable application.As a player, all Microgaming based poker rooms should offer the following features:
  • Statistics - All game statistics are recorded enabling you to examine game strategies and improve them.
  • How many players were in for how many rounds.
  • Search - letting you find the game and table that best suits your needs. The search includes buy-in, number, and names of players and limits.
  • Microgaming provides something called "Beginner Table." This has a buy-in of one dollar and stakes from $0.02/$0.05.
Additionally, Microgaming provides software that combines poker rooms and casino games. If you sign up to such a poker room, you'll be able to play poker, blackjack, roulette, video poker and a selection slot games with one account.

Fair Play

Microgaming was a founding member of eCOGRA. This is a non-profit organization that ensures fair play, quality customer service, and speedy payouts. It is important to note that just because a casino utilizes Microgaming software it does not mean that they will receive eCOGRA's approval. It is highly recommended to sign up to a casino with this, or another respected online gaming watchdog's seal of approval.It is claimed that Microgaming's RNG (random number generator) software, the heart of any online gaming software, is 100% fair and truly random.

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