Online Casino using Bally's Software

Bally Casino Software is a division of Bally Technologies. Bally is a leading manufacturer of casino slot machines as well as other gaming technology. Bally's is wholly owned by the Scientific Games Corporation which is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.


Aside from their main business which is casino slot machines, Bally's is also responsible for the popular Shuffle Master game. The company has done quite well grossing over $900 million dollars in yearly revenue.Back in the early 2000's Bally's considered acquiring multi-media type games. Bally's began with video lottery machines however the company's business ideas, as well as revenue, has grown significantly over the past decade.After a bit of reorganisation, Bally's created a new line of video and reel spinning slot machines. The Hot Slot Progressive machines are the most popular and players seem never to get tired of the enjoyment the various gaming machines provide.Bally's also released some brand new gaming platforms. Platforms include the V-20 upright, the S-9E real spinner as well as the Cine Vision video gaming device for wide screen. At present, over 500 casinos worldwide utilise Bally's gaming machines. It is estimated that over 400,000 slot machines created by Bally are being used every day.There seems to be no end to what Bally's can create for the gaming industry. Card shufflers and Roulette chip sorters quickly gained popularity. Bally's came up with the idea on its own for the chip sorters and card shufflers.New acquisitions, as well as ideas, were discovered over the past decade which made Bally's even more famous. Today Bally's owns the exclusive rights to four very popular scientific casino games.Betty Boops Firehouse is one of the newest slot machines created by Bally's. Betty Boops Firehouse was released in early 2016 and remains a huge hit among casino lovers. Bally's will hopefully continue to create some amazing casino software.

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