River Belle Casino Review


Up to $800 in Deposit bonus

Percentage Payout: N/A

Minimum Deposit: €10

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  • Founded: 1997
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Licensing: Malta Gaming Authority
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A Review of River Belle Online Casino


When a person plays games online at, they can say that “their ship has come in.” Their very welcoming riverboat captain and crew show all of their guests the best in southern hospitality. They offer the people that play on their site more than 350 sophisticated casino games, a countless amount of loyalty programmes, and participate in its timeless offerings that have gone on during its more than a decade of being online. From the very beginning, this website has received enthusiastic praise from the public that includes people that are well-known in the gambling world. The River Belle casino took its maiden voyage in 1997, and it did not take long for it to become very popular. It also got many rewards from For people that love online games, they do not need to miss the River Belle boat. The River Belle website has a beautiful design, and it is very easy to navigate.
River Belle Casino lobby

The Site

The River Belle website is so beautiful with a picture of its boat in its background and a gold and black colouring all over its website that is gorgeous. The homepage has its featured websites on it and a description of their site and how to use it. On the homepage, people that visit their website will also find out how to play in different languages, how to get started, what promotions they offer, live dealer game information, how to register on the site, and what slot games they have

Their homepage also information about mobile games, their banking information, how to get website help, their contact details, their rules, terms, and conditions, their copyright information, and how to gamble responsibly. The sitemap is very well organised with a list of the website’s games, how to contact them, their affiliate information, their security, and copyright information, their disclaimer, their terms and conditions, and their website winners. They also have a blog on their website that discusses a different gambling related topic in every post. The River Belle site also has bonuses and promotions on their website.


Promotions & Bonuses at River Belle Casino

When a person signs to up on the River Belle website, there are bonuses and promotions for them to take advantage of. Even if there isn’t a no deposit bonus available, there are three new player bonuses available for any new player to take advantage of. All that a new player has to do to obtain their new player’s bonuses is to click on the ‘play now’ button and register a new real account. The next step is for them to make the first of their three deposits by clicking on the “deposit now” button. Then they will go back to “my promotions” to get up to eight-hundred dollars free. There is a system that River Belle has for rewarding people for making deposits.


River Belle Casino bonus


An example of this is when a person makes their first deposit, if they deposit twenty dollars, River Belle will match it with twenty dollars in credits (which is like getting free money). For their first deposit, they get 100 percent back of their deposit in credits. They match $100 and $200 in the same way. They player gets ½ of what they deposit back up to $200 in credits. For the second deposit, a person will get ¼ of what they deposit back in credits. For example, if they deposit $400, they will get $100 back in credits. River Belle will give up to $250 back in credits to any person that makes a deposit. When a player makes their third deposit, they get fifty percent of their deposit back, up to $350 in credits.

The third bonus that a player will get is fifty percent of their deposit up to $350 in credits. An example of this is when a person deposits $100, they $50 in credits from River Belle, with a $300 deposit, they $150 in credits, and if a person, makes a $700 deposit, they get $350 back in credits from River Belle. With all of these great deposit rewards, River Belle’s customers will have no reason to miss the no deposit bonus. They are still getting free money from River Belle which is also like getting a free bet.River Belle also provides a variety of games for their players to enjoy.



River Belle has a great variety of games for their players to enjoy, one of them being online slot games. For those players that are in search of a large variety of online slot games. The first one is online video slots games. Playing online slot games is the most well-liked form of online casino entertainment. Even they do not offer free spins with any of these games; they are still a lot of fun and worth what their players put into them.They also have classic or reel online slot games for their players to participate in. Their players always take the time to enjoy these games because these legendary games had changed very little over the years and are known as the “old faithful” casino slots games on the internet before free spins became part of a game.


Video Slots

The online video slots games are an iconic way to participate in playing slots via the internet. Globally, it is the most well-liked type of casino entertainment on the internet. It has many fans on River Belle and other casino websites. The Online Megaspin Slots provide a lot of action, excitement, and a lot of opportunities to win a lot of money. By just clicking their mouse, River Belle game players can play a lot of online slot machines which increases their chances of winning by a lot. The last type of online slot is the Online Progressive Slots. This type of slots will change the life of those that play them forever. Some players have won millions of dollars playing these slots. Another game that River Belle has for their players is Video Poker.


Video Poker

Video Poker is a great way to start playing the game of Poker. Many people love to play this game in online and brick and mortar casinos. Those players that choose to put their money into this game do not have to be concerned about beating an opponent but about getting the best hand that they can get. There are many different Video Poker games on the market to try. The good thing about playing this game at River Belle is that their players get to try out all of the Video Poker games that they want to in practice mode, so they can find a game that they truly love and feel comfortable playing. River Belle also offers their players the opportunity to play Progressive Online Video Poker.

A Progressive Online Video Poker game works by presenting payouts that increase rapidly for stronger hands. If a player gets a very rare hand, like a royal flush, is obtained then the Progressive Video Poker Jackpot is triggered, and a person wins a larger sum of money than they typically would. The reason players get paid more for Progressive games is because each Video Poker Machine that is connected to a progressive game pays into the same pool. This means that part of each dollar invested in every related Progressive Video Poker machine is combined to create a large common money fund. River Belle also has tables games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat for their players to enjoy.



The first table game that River Belle offers their players is Blackjack. They have many different versions of Blackjack that include: Atlantic City, European, and Vegas Strip. Roulette is another table game offered by River Belle. Their Roulette games will get the hearts of River Belle game players racing when they enjoy these betting styles: Straight-up, Split, Street, and Corner bets. Craps is another online table game available to the people that play on River Belle. Craps is an online dice game. A player has to try and guess if their role will be a loss or a win. It is a game that is all based on chance. Baccarat is one of the oldest casino card games. It is an easy game to learn and play since all that players have to do is to bet their hand on with the hopes of beating the dealer. If that does not happen, the dealer will beat them, or they will tie with the dealer. Before playing this game with actual money, Belle River has practice Baccarat games for them to try out on. That way, they get a free bet and do not lose any money. River Belle also has tournament games, online Keno games, and online scratch card games.



River Belle has two types of online slot games: scheduled and sit ‘n’ go. Scheduled slot tournaments begin at a particular time, players have to register to be able to play, and they only last for a certain amount of time. They are ideal for those game players that like gaming action and want to play without delay. Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments begin when they are enough players available to hold the tournament and have registered and paid the match fee. They do not last as long as scheduled tournaments since they only last one round and they are also bound by a set time with the players having to begin and end the match at the same time. Online Keno is one of the world’s oldest numbers game. Online scratch card games are available around the clock and can be enjoyed anywhere River Belle players may be. River Belle also has live casino games that are hosted by real dealers.


Live Casino at River Belle

When their players play the River Belle live dealer games, the Live Dealer features high definition real-time video feeds, that are hosted by real dealers that deal real cards and launch real balls. It gives their players the closest experience to a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ casino experience while playing on the internet. This can happen thanks to a state-of-the-art video streaming technology, developed and provided by the world’s biggest online gaming software provider, Microgaming. People that love to play their live dealer games can play Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette with River Belle live dealer games. River Belle also has mobile games for the people that love to play their games when they are on-the-go.

For people that like to play their casino games while they are on-the-go, River Belle has these games available to play on a mobile device: Major Millions, Mega Moolah, Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck, Dragon’s Fortune, Jacks or Better Poker, Royal Derby, and a lot more! River Belle customers that play their game with a mobile device do not need to be concerned about their private and banking information not being secure. River Belle has employees that are available at any time of day or night to handle any customer’s mobile game concerns. It is also important for River Belle players to know how to deposit and withdraw their money.


Deposit & Withdrawals

When a River Belle player wants to make a deposit, the first thing that they need to do is to register for a real money account. Then they need to log into the software and click on the bank button. Then they will choose deposit from the main menu where they will see a lot of ways to deposit money into their account. The minimum amount of money that they can deposit depends on what countries money that they are using. However, the minimum ranges from five to twenty dollars. When a player wants to withdraw their winnings, they can do that once their amount of winnings reaches the minimum cash withdrawal amount. They have to click on the bank button on the software, select withdraw from the main menu, and follow the directions. The minimum sum of money that they can withdraw depends on what countries money they are using and their payment will appear using their selected method of payment. River Belle also provides support for their customers.



Finally, when their game players, are in need of help, they offer them an around-the-clock live support on their website.

Bonuses, promotions, a large variety of games (including mobile games), a beautiful and secure website, live dealer games, and support for their customers are the perks of playing on the River Belle Casino website. People that choose to play games on this website will never be sorry and will love every minute of it.

River Belle

Up to $800 in Deposit bonus

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