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  • Founded: 2006
  • Software: Microgaming, Ongame, NetEnt, Nyx Interactive, WMS (Williams Interactive), Thunderkick
  • Licensing: Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission
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Review of Whitebet Online Casino

About is a fun and engaging online casino founded in 2002. It is supported by extraordinarily powerful software design types and a knowledgeable customer service department. This casino is designed to create a lifelike, vivid, and financially safe environment for gaming enthusiasts living in the Eurozone, and all other regions of the world with secure banking options. Patrons of this casino enjoy interesting and high-potential slot gaming, plus a wide variety of traditional card and table games in live and virtual formats.

Language/Currency is extremely versatile when it comes to account holder communication. The casino is based in Europe, but offers a large choice of language options. These options are chosen by account holders when they set-up an account, and can be modified at any time through the gaming portal. Main language choices include Swedish, Scandinavian, Finnish, English, and German. All customer support can be made with a choice of communication in these languages. The casino is staffed by professional representatives who know the regulations in each territory, and can assist serious and continued account holders with any concerns.

Most worldwide currencies are accepted by this casino. In order to make currency transfers acceptable they must be processed by a valid and recognized banking, debit, credit, or money transfer service. International currency exchanges are subject to numismatic percentage differences, plus a 1.5 percent internal currency exchange fee for currencies originating outside of the Euro zones.

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The Site

Choosing is a chance to enjoy sophisticated online gaming without advertising gimmicks and advertising. This is true of people playing from a home computer, or a mobile device. The layout of the casino site is very simple to allow easy navigation. Choose from banners directing players to generated, or live games. From these portals, simply choose a favorite game, make deposits and withdrawals, and ask questions of the professional customer support service staff. From a main landing page containing attractive color schemes and large banners, begin play immediately after activating an account, or find detailed information regarding the rules and regulations of this casino’s operation.

Deposit Bonus & Free Spins at White Bet

The current deposit bonus for new account holders is £100. In order to take advantage of this offer, a new player must complete the two steps to setting-up a account and make a minimum deposit of £20. Simply provide name, contact information, and mobile numbers. Then, begin the easy process of transferring banking information to finalize a first, second, or continuing deposit. Not only will the incentive deposit bonus be displayed on official player accounts, but the option to submit other coupons and codes will be provided. Other welcome bonuses are available for up to £1,000 on new accounts, which equate to more than 250 free spins on high stakes digital games.

Non-Deposit & Free Spins

Free spins can be used when real money reserves have run-out in an account, but virtual bonus credits remain. Though real money credits do not exist, it is still possible to win jackpots and normal winnings using banked bonus points and spin credits. Therefore, it is very advantageous for both continuing and new players to take advantage of all free credit and signup bonus offers. These extra spin credits could result in incredible winnings and account boosters.

Games offers a wide variety of traditional online casino slot-style games, plus a library of live tables and tournaments. The slots include perennial favorites featuring huge bonuses and an extensive range of interactive play. These games are centered around themes ranging from magic Irish leprechaun charms, holidays, and cultural fancy, to Vegas-centered extravaganzas and total fantasy.

Many of these slots are connected to a powerful network of jackpots. They are both cumulative and progressive, and include added account-buster bonuses that can only be discovered through multiple plays and creative bets.

For the traditional card table lover, offers tournament entry and live game that are based on the real-feel of being at an actual game table. The cards are dealt with precision. The dealers are enchanting and welcoming. The pace of play is determined by the decisions of other real players. It’s a chance to play in a real casino atmosphere, without actually travelling to a casino town. This online portal goes to every length to reproduce the fun and potential of playing cards and video slots at an in-person casino establishment, but makes the action possible to enjoy at home.

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Mobile Casino

The advantage of using online casinos with mobile devices, is returning to favorite games everyday. This allows a players to earn rewards through available loyalty programs. supports use by all iPhone and Androids, plus other dedicated devices.

The best part of this casino’s mobile offerings is the option of brand new games presented in formats that work seamlessly with any country’s commerce codes, and have information in select chosen languages. While internal casino software guarantees pristine displays with any mobile device, the best part of mobile options are non-interrupted live games and tournaments no matter the mobile device. This casino allows instant live play with vivid graphic displays and VIP casino communication to all mobile members holding valid deposit and withdrawal accounts.

Live Casino offers the casino atmosphere that gaming enthusiasts enjoy the most. It’s very difficult to becoming involved deeply in a game without the moderation of a real dealer. This casino offers an array of live traditional casino games that are moderated by real professional dealers. These dealers are not computer generated, are not operated on set protocols, and have complete control over individual games.

Live casino games are played at the pace of the interaction between real players and real dealers interacting via an online platform. This option makes one of the only online casinos to offer an authentic casino pace to players who demand a real casino atmosphere.

Wagering Requirement

It is very important for every player to understand that all wagers must be made through the casino’s official account activation process. Wagers of any amount are accepted as long as they are not discovered to originate from questionable sources. No cash only wagers are accepted. Only online wagers have the clearance to activate potential winnings on this casino’s platform.

The casino’s gaming operator has the ability to monitor and evaluated the status of any player account. Any status problem with a player account could result in the suspension of an account. Players are obligated to maintain deposit and wager minimums in order to preserve account status. The gaming moderator has the right and responsibility to suspend play from an account that does not adhere to the casino’s rules. This does not mean a player is cut-off, or banned. It only means that the casino will request the account holder to review withdrawal, deposit, and account details before continuing play.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Both deposits and withdrawals through this casino are subject to the laws and regulations of banks in international areas that allow gaming on this platform. Though banking restrictions are valid, the ability to withdraw and deposit monies from and to this casino is easy. Depending on the bank of choice, deposits can be made in £1,000-3,000, or no-limit amounts. Early deposit processing is made in as little as 10 minutes, but other secure transfers can take up to 5 days.

Withdrawal time frames are similar to deposits, but the transfers have the potential to be much greater. This casino is known for extremely generous jackpots, and winnings of up to £1,000,000 are processed in minutes, or a few days. Certain no-limit accounts can withdraw extreme winnings depending on the security of an international banking account.

Customer Support

This casino is staffed by knowledgeable personnel who understand how important it is that every player gain a seamless and thorough understanding of how to enjoy the offered games consistently. The advantage of this casino’s real operators is up-to-date information and expert help processing all inquiries about playing games, making deposits and withdrawals, and getting through the extremely rare occurrence of a malfunction. Customer support is available through email, live chat during game play, and direct phone calls. The support center is open from 1:00-17:00 GMT, so some messages will have a delay in being answered. Rest assured however, all customer questions will be answered to best of the casino support staff’s capability.

The support center can be reached using this contact information.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0) 868 5810
Address: Evoke Gaming Ltd.
85 St John Street
VLT 1165

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100% FDB up to €100!

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