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Review of Amsterdam Online Casino

Win Big at Amsterdam Casino

Finding the right online casino is tough. Rumors circulate about legitimacy, others don’t offer the highest level of security, and some simply don’t have the latest games. The good thing is that unlike going to a local establishment, the Internet offers many options.

For this reason many players are going to It meets all of the standards that players are looking for, and offers the high level of fun playing that experienced players seek. It not only keeps the general basics simple – like depositing and withdrawing funds – but provides a great environment that is enjoyable.

This review starts at the beginning, explaining what this site is all about, and then dives into its current bonus offer, which is an extremely attractive 100% match, as well as the fun games you can play.

Who Is Amsterdam Casino?

This site is a London-based casino site that offers strict adherence to rules and regulations. For example, US players cannot join unless they are doing so from a location that permits them to. This puts a real damper on many players’ chances to join in on the fun, but it really says something about the site.

Whether or not one agrees with the rule it is good to know that they respect the laws of other countries. The American FBI has deemed that gambling at online establishments that are offshore is illegal. Can a site like this one still take American money? Of course it can! But it has made the choice to respect this rule, which is why it is among the more highly respected sites.

What makes it even more attractive for many is that the site is available in many languages.


Versatility of Play for People of Many Countries

The site’s primary language is in English, but by clicking the flag icon in the top right corner one can find that the site will quickly load to German, Finnish, and several others.

On the left hand side of the home page there is a list of current winners showing small and large amounts in Euros. At the time that this is being written one can see that Paul just won €20 and Veronica took home a very nice prize of €966. There are also the ongoing progressives, which are shown in dollar amounts using the $ symbol.

On top of this the latest games are available, and the site is shown in a very attractive display, allowing for players to not have to walk away rubbing their eyes after hours of staring at colors too harsh for long periods of time.

Attractive Display

Casinos today know that they cannot merely offer gambling, but they have to make the venue one that people enjoy. For this reason has a very pleasing display of softer colors (light blues, etc) just like at a casino with all the bells and whistles. One aspect that may turn some site visitors off is that the graphics are a little bit cartoonish, much like the latest slot games that cater to younger players, but this isn’t so much a strike against the site as it is one that shows it is being run like modern location.

Experienced players know that all casinos are going to bring in the latest and greatest brands. Just as Wheel of Fortune was at one time the new game, then Sex and the City, people want to jump in and give a few spins to their favorites.

But none of that really matters, especially when compared to the attractive bonuses offered on deposits.

100% Deposit Bonuses

The home page of the site clearly states that the first $555 deposited will be matched at 100%.

Effectively, the average player can walk in the door and double his money right off the bat. Do other casino sites offer this kind of incentive? Sure, but that’s the point. is not trying to reinvent the wheel; they are merely trying to get experienced players to give it a spin.

All the Latest Games Are Here

Whatever game you like to play can be found on this site. They have the latest slots, the table games you ought to expect, poker, video poker, and even scratch cards.

A good number of games are played live, which will be touched on later, but before doing that we want to discuss a strategy that other players have been finding some success with while playing two different games: Roulette and Blackjack.

The strategy involves the classic approach of progressive betting. Progressive betting is the system one employs by making a small bet, perhaps of €5 to start. If the bet wins, then another €5 is placed. However, if the bet loses, then the next one is €10, then €20 until a win takes place, sending the player back to the original €5 bet again.

Here is how it works – math-wise. If you only place €5 bets over and over again then you can only come out ahead if you have a lucky night, and since the odds are in favor of the house you have to be very lucky. However, by progressively betting the whole time you always come out ahead.

EXAMPLE: Raul has €1.110 to start since he maxed out his bonus on deposit. He goes to the Roulette table and puts €5 on Red. He has a near 50-50 odds of winning. He wins and now has €1.115. He then loses a €5 bet and a €10 bet, bringing his cash down to 1.100, but wins the progressively placed €20 one, bringing him back up to being another €5 up. With near 50-50 odds, and placing small bets, it’s not going to matter if he loses four or five times in a row. And he doesn’t have to bet Red every time. He can bet Black, 1-18, 19-36, or on anything really. The key is to play it smart and think like someone who wants to come out with more money, which is the most fun part of going to a casino.

And to make this even better it can be done from a phone or tablet.

AmsterdamcasinoGames Bonus


The Amsterdam Casino Mobile Site

Some players only use a computer at the office, and that’s not where they want to login and get some time to play blackjack.

Many Londoners who commute by rail enjoy defragging by kicking back and relaxing on the way home, or perhaps before going in for the day. makes this easy because there is no app required. By going to the site and choosing the mobile option, players can get the full view of the site without having to do anything extra. And there is an added bonus for doing so, because there is a 10% cashback option available, making it even more profitable for players who use progressive betting systems, or other types of tips and tricks learned over the years.

Lastly, it is important to talk about live action games, and customer support.


Live Casino

There are some things an online casino cannot match, and that’s being with people. Playing games is social, and this site has done a good job of working that aspect into the playing.

Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette – among others – have live dealers. Not only are they true professionals, but they know the game well enough to support beginners who need a little help. For example, a good dealer who is showing a 7 on a blackjack hand can tell a player who asks that the 17 he’s showing is good enough to stay on, but that a 14 is worth busting over. Why? Because the odds are good that there’s a 10 face down.

Another aspect of live gaming is that players can congratulate each other on a big hand. Everyone loves the accolades that come with landing 21 right off the bat. In poker many players guard their secrets, but some enjoy helping others who are clearly beginners.

These aspects, matched with the ease of depositing and withdrawing money, make the site attractive.

Deposits & Withdrawal

There are 12 options to choose from (Visa, MC, Maestro) when putting money into an account. The security of the site is of the highest level. Additionally, one must login to play, so only someone with your login and password can get access to your account.


Customer Support

One area some sites lack is the availability of a real person. We went to and clicked the “Chat Now” option, which is available 15 hours a day every day of the week, and we were answered by a live person in under a minute. They are fully staffed, even on a Sunday.

Adding to this great customer service the site service page has a list of FAQs, and the game rules for each one available. Now the truth is that most people would not need to know such basics, but that they would is very important because it shows that they really want to cover all of the bases.

Lastly, they also have specific instructions for any browser issues, sparing players from having to Google it themselves.

Online gambling sites appear to be a dime a dozen today, but this one is standing above the rest. While having all of the games that any other site has it boasts a high level of site security, better personal security, incredible customer service, and very easy deposit and withdrawal options.
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