Online Casinos with the Ukrainian Language

Ukraine is a country with a rich history rooted in orthodox religion and art. The Eastern European country is Russia’s neighbour to the south-west and obtained independence from Russia in 1991. It lies south of Belarus with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west and Romania to the south-west.


Its official language is Ukrainian, expressed in Cyrillic and native to over thirty million speakers in the country. The language is shared with the neighbour Crimea, which is the new gambling playground for Russia. It is also spoken in countries such as Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Czech and Slovakia among others. Ukraine also borrows heavily from the neighbour’s languages and dialects such as Romanian, Polish, German, Russian and Slovak.The eastern bloc has broad interests in the gambling world. While the gambling law in Ukraine is a bit strict, many online casinos are operating in the country especially from the capital Kiev. Being online allows them to accept players from all over the world.The online casinos are multi-language sites, which clearly indicate the languages they support. They have a choice between Ukrainian, Russian and English. You can easily pick which one to use by clicking on the language flag of your choice from the display if it is not already the default set language on the slot.Similarly, you can set the currency that you wish to deposit and play in. This may be the local Ukrainian currency, the Hryvnia or other currencies such as the Euro and the Russian ruble. Casinos accept major global credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Besides, others offer international cash and bank transfer services. The casinos that do not accept direct Hryvnia deposits offer foreign exchange conversions, which may include a marginal exchange rate.Examples of modern online casinos with Ukrainian language options include Play Million, FavBet, Videoslots, Slotty Vegas, and PokeStars among other dozens of gateway betting sites.

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