Online Casinos with the German language

German speaking players take pleasure in gambling alike participants in other countries. That is the key reason the majority of the top-rated casinos still offer online casinos using the German language. Hence, players benefit from the casino information displayed in the language besides being able to communicate with customer support.


Gambling has every time been a very common activity in German with the Federal Health Centre study released in 2008 portraying that 50% of men engaged in gambling. There are several casinos in the country with the 2012 research outcomes confirming the German Gambling Industry to have generated revenues of 10.73 billion in Euros during the year.The common types of gaming in German include casinos, sports betting, slot machines and lotteries. It might also appear odd that the laws associated with online betting are in flux status. Mostly, Germans engage with foreign-based sites that are usually those registered and also licensed in the UK.Luckily, most of the foreign-based internet casinos provide their services in Germany. Some of the providers offer their services in the German language, for instance, Royal Panda. While those providing offshore gambling services are always welcoming to German players.In Germany, the first legal casino was started in 1765 in Baden. During the time, casinos were places to gamble, socialise and drink as the same case with today. By January 2017, there were 67 Germany casinos with 5 of them located in Berlin Capital. More than 50% of the Germany casinos are owned by the state while the rest of 50% are operated by a mixture of public and private enterprises.In German, the bodies obligated in regulating the casino activities vary from one state to another. In this case, Spielbank Do-Hohensyburg is the largest casino with 35 table games, approximately 350 slot machines and ten separate poker tables and is situated in Dortmund. Most of Germany casinos demand the evidence of being over 18 at their entrance and also ensure participants have a strict dress code.

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