Online Casinos with the Estonian language

Online gaming has been growing in popularity for some years now. This has contributed to a tremendous growth in this industry. More and more online casinos are opening around the world. The fact that most require a small minimum deposit has increased their popularity. The idea that one can play with opponents across the world in real-time is impressive.


Among many countries that have witnessed a positive impact of online gaming is Estonia. Back in the days when the country was still part of USSR, gambling was prohibited. This prohibition changed from the 1990s when the country became independent. The government back then was eager to grow the economy and compete with its neighbours. Legalisation of gambling followed. This move was followed by licensing of different large gambling companies.Estonia took a step in legalising and licensing major local firms that were offering online casino back in 2010. Later on, in 2011, the government went ahead and licensed foreign companies. This move opened Estonia the global world of online gambling.Even though the population of Estonia is relatively small, a recent survey showed that gambling is popular among the people. The study revealed that at least over 80% of the adult populations have participated in gambling.For anyone who is a huge fan of gambling, they can find eight major licensed online gambling companies operating in Estonia. The government is doing everything to regulate the companies and the industry at large.Most of these online casinos are offering free withdrawal of one’s winnings. Some of them offer incentives such as a 100% - 200% deposit bonus up to a certain amount of deposit. Some of them offer these deposit bonuses and top it up with another incentive such as free spins.Most of these online casinos are free to join. You can play 888 Casino, Unibet, Triobet, Optibet, and Playmillion among many others. The small deposit required is making them more appealing and has attracted a huge following of those previously discouraged by casinos due to the amount that was required to gamble. The idea that someone does not need to travel to play his or her favourite casino game is another positive attraction.Estonia may be a small country compared to some heavyweights in the region, but the gambling passion is remarkable. It is even rumoured that some of the best online casino players are in Estonia.

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