LadyLucks Casino Review

£/€ 10 Free Bonus No Deposit

Up to £/€ 200 in Bonus + 100 free Spins 1st deposit

Percentage Payout: N/A

Minimum Deposit: £10

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  • Founded: 2004
  • Software: IGT (WagerWorks), Probability
  • Licensing: UK Gambling Commission
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Review Of LadyLucks


LadyLucks is an online casino where players may come at any time to play some different games that are found in traditional casinos. This article explains how players may make changes to their gambling habit, and they will notice this site gives them all the finest options for playing. There is quite a lot to learn about the company, and the site will make gambling more exciting than it was in the past. The player who is searching for table games and slot machines will be pleased to find everything they need in one place.
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About Ladylucks

Ladylucks was begun as a simple casino that has the basic games that everyone loves to play. Someone who was searching for the easiest gaming experience will quite enjoy the casino, and they will notice it is quite simple to benefit from the site because the colours are so soft and light. The background of the site is quite nice to look at, and the light blue that sits in the back feels good to look at.

There are quite a few people who are looking for a new way to play, and they may come across the games on the site when hunting for something special, or they may come to Ladylucks knows that something is waiting for them that is exciting. The site feels welcoming, and it has been set up with the customer in-mind.

Geography & Currency

The site was founded in the UK, and it offers English support around the world. They have been registered in countries where the English-speaking public will play, and they allow players in the UK to ensure they are using the British pound just as the American customers may use the dollar. Someone who wishes to bet in a European or North American country may use the proper currency, and they will see the site in English when arriving.

Players who are using their home currency will see the site convert their currency for them, and someone who wishes to bet while they are on the road may use the site with a proxy that helps them continue to play. It is easy for someone to begin enjoying the site, and they will find it much easier to play when they wish to earn money. The site welcomes currencies that are converted on the spot, and someone who uses a unique currency will see their money converted for use on the site. Anyone who is using a familiar currency is more likely to bet properly.

The Site’s Look And Feel

The site at Ladylucks is soft and fun, and it has colours that will make customers feel as though they have landed in a happy place to play. The happiness that is found on the site is exciting, and someone who comes to the site looking to be picked up and given a jolt of energy will quite enjoy the games on the site. The games are often the same as others from around the world, and they are set against the soft background on the site. Their pastels are beautiful to look at, and the site helps players settle in when they are shopping for a new game to play.

The site is simple to navigate as players may make their way to a game, their account page or the cashier to deposit. The tabs on the site are simple to use, and players who are searching for something specific may search the site for the tab at the top. Every player who comes to the site will happen across the place where they may play or manage their money, and they will find it simple to purchase spins, deposit money and search for new games.

Their Games

The game at Ladylucks are put together in the traditional casino style, and they include tables games, slot machines and live games at times. Someone who enjoys table games will find there are quite a few poker, blackjack and roulette options, and they may walk into the room with slot machines when it is time. Someone who quite enjoys playing table games will notice the site feels like a regular casino, and they will sit down at a table that makes them feel like they have travelled hundreds of miles to play.

The velvet of the table is there for players to see, or they will be faced with a slot machine that reminds them of the casino’s interior. Their ability level arranges the games, and they are organised based on their topic. Slot machines are often adventures that have a deep plot, and players must ensure they are searching for games that are most exciting for them. The games chosen by players are quite a lot of fun to try the first time, and players may practice for free before betting their money. Someone who is betting their hard-earned money on the site will earn more in a general sense, and it is important that players have landed on the games that will make them most comfortable.

The software on the site loads instantly, and they have games from Microgaming, NetEnt and the like. Each player will be dazzled by the graphics they have seen, and they will enjoy watching the game unfold before their very eyes.

Mobile Casino

The mobile casino is exciting to use when players download the app. The app is quite a lot of fun to play as it will bring players all the games they were hoping for, and they may play with only their thumb or one finger. They may download the app in the app store for Apple or Android, and they will see it upload all the same games they play on their computer. Players will be asked to log into their account, and they will be connected to the cashier that helps them place bets and earn money. All the money earned by players will be sent to their account, and they may load their account with more money if they need. Pulling the phone out of one’s pocket or playing on a tablet is just as much fun as the desktop version of the casino, and some players will find it more fun.

Live CasinoLadyLucks Mobile Screenshot

The live casino games at Ladylucks are quite a lot of fun because a real person is managing a table with cards that were dealt by hand. Someone who wishes to have the live casino experience need not drive off to a casino and spend all their money on accommodations. They may sign up for the site at Ladylucks, and they may come to the tables that are live. There are live hours given for every player, and someone who enjoys playing will find there is a bit of strategy involved in playing with a live dealer.

The live dealers may be reached on poker or blackjack tables through the desktop or mobile app, and a player who wishes to earn more money will use the live games. The live games that are played on the site are easy to manage, and players may belly up to any table where they believe they are welcome.

Deposit Bonus & Free Spins

A deposit bonus and free spins are available to players when they sign up for the site for the first time. A player who is searching for a bonus will see the site matches up to 895 pounds of deposits, and there are free spins offered for games that are featured on the site. The site offers free spins to players when they are in a new game, and players who are trying new games will find it quite a lot of fun to play with house money. The cash offered by the site is easy to use, and free spins may be found every time a slot machine is featured.

LadyLucks Casino Match bonus

Non-Deposit Bonus & Free Spins

A non-deposit bonus and free spin may be available to players who are looking at certain games. They may enjoy the site because they are coming back only for the featured games, and they will be given bonuses or spins that are attached to games that are new or featured by the developer. The developer is willing to offer bonuses to the players when they release new games, and someone who wishes to earn more money will quite enjoy the site because they will happen upon some different bonuses that entice them to play new games.

Wagering Requirement

The wagering requirements on the site change based on the game and the bonus. The games on the site require players to make minimum bets chosen for the tables, and slot machines have a minimum amount that must be spent for spins. Someone who wishes to play using bonus money must use the bonus money before they can cash it out. The casino does not give their customers money to be withdrawn before they have played. Volume on the site must be created using the games on the site, and the players who are withdrawing their money have used it all to bet. All that is left over may be withdrawn, and customers may find many different bonuses that will help them continue their gaming experience.

Deposits & Withdrawal

The cashier at the site is simple to use, and players may click on the tab at any time to manage their money. Deposited money on the site is sent over a secure server, and the secure server offers the https prefix when players make their deposits. The same is true when money is withdrawn, and players who need help managing their money will quite enjoy playing on the site. They may leave a bit of money in their account to ensure they are saving cash, or they may withdraw everything when they need.

Players are asked to deposit as much as possible when they are signing up for the first time, and they will earn a bonus that is commensurate with the amount of money they spent. The site will leave their bonus cash in its own line-item, and they may spend their money in any way they like. Money management is a large part of playing in the casino, and a player who wishes to earn more money must be willing to deposit often as they continue their games.

Customer Support

Customer support at the site is offered over the phone, over email and on live chat. The site will answer the phone during their normal business hours, and they will help customers when they have questions about their accounts. The phone conversations may be had in English, and a player who has specific concerns may talk through their problems with the customer.

The email option allows players to send in questions at any time, and the site will resolve all issues for the customer when their emails are received. A quick email will solve many issues, and the customer may send their email while completing other things during the day.

The live chat window on the site is quite a lot of fun to use as it is there at all times, and players may clock on it when they want to talk to someone from the site. Someone is behind the chat window at all times, and they will begin a conversation with the customer that helps them get their questions answered.

Ladylucks is a fun casino to play in, and it offers the soft background that everyone loves to look at. The player will see the finest casino games in the world appear in front of this soft background and they will quite enjoy playing the games because they are designed for those who wish to stay at their computer or on their mobile device. Every game is available, and money is available to be won at all hours.


Up to £/€ 200 in Bonus + 100 free Spins 1st deposit

£/€ 10 Free Bonus No Deposit
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