Deposit with UseMyFunds at Online Casinos

There are different payment and money transfer platforms that have been established due to technological advancement. This has been a critical step towards the realisation of the global money transfer services that happens in real time. UseMyFunds is a leading online payment system that is linked to a buyer, seller and the banking institution.


This is a Canadian company that was established in 2002 and has expanded to operate in over 45 different countries across the world. UseMyFunds has been used widely in casinos for online casino deposits that have brought accountability and efficiency in the gaming industry. The company offers online banking with super charge and does not require the owner to be in possession of a credit or debit card.UseMyFunds provides the buyer with a user interface that acts as a facilitator between the purchaser and the seller. Here, the payment is made online, and the customer receives an acknowledgement slips while the vendor receives an official receipt in real time. The platform is very secure because you do not need to register on UseMyFunds to use the services. Rather, residents residing in countries where UseMyFunds is found can conduct an online transaction. If the payer's bank or wallet is listed on the UseMyFunds drop-down menu, the seller should be able to conduct online payment. This has been seen to be the safest mode of transacting online payment because the information is kept secret.As such, Canadian citizens have benefited from UseMyFunds since they are allowed to open a bank account and link it to UseMyFunds inorder to add funds to the account from the bank. The process entails filling a Pre authorised Debit form that is incorporated into the system to allows for easy access to the funds. In other countries supporting the payment platform, the buyer needs to sign up on the system and use his email and password to conduct an online transaction.

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