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Solo is a payment method that is available within the United Kingdom. Solo was created by the same company that invented the Switch debit card. Solo is essentially a debit card that can be used almost anywhere for purchasing goods and services.


Solo was initially issued as a cash type card by the NatWest Financial Corporation. The one drawback to using the Solo Debit card was that every purchase had to be authorised and approved. The reason for this process is because verification was needed to make certain the funds were available to cover the purchase.If the customer did not have sufficient monies to cover the Solo card transactions then naturally the purchase would be declined. The Solo card allows users to draw on their bank funds. The Solo payment is good for people who must budget their money. Therefore, if a person overspends with the Solo Card they may end up not having enough money left to pay other necessary bills.*Solo Cards can help reduce Bank Liabilities:Originally, the Solo debit card was issued to people who had problems with their credit. Banks had no problem issuing the card to poor credit risks; it helped reduce bank bad debt liability.There are not a host benefits that go with using the Solo debit card. However, it may prove to be a better alternative for many people because they will not have to carry large amounts of cash.Finally, the Solo payment method can best be explained as a debit card that is accepted at any retailer that accepts the other main credit cards such as Visa. There is no charge to use the Solo debit card. If the card is lost or stolen there is no fee to replace the card.

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