Deposit with PugglePay at Online Casinos

The history of Pugglepay is four years long of new ideas and solution construction during a hope-filled time of new gaming in the form of gambling via online casinos. The overlapping ideas that take the credit for the success of this Swedish based funding service are simple.


Serious investing of time and attention to online entertainment is a phenomenon that most people associate with youth culture. The same can be said for the need to spend copious amounts of cash without a second thought to the immediate or long-term consequences. Anyone who studies commerce or earns a living by running a business knows that capturing a highly profitable niche market is like scoring a touchdown off an interception. It is sweet. Pugglepay’s nominations for Nordic E-commerce Newcomer and Red Herring Europe Top 100 is proof that the saying work smarter, not harder is the absolute poetic truth. But after nearly half a decade of progress to post on the resume, a changing of the guard comes around to the little business that could.In their very own words, the time to say goodbye to Pugglepay is at hand. However, this announcement is a little misleading and somehow maintains a bit of diplomacy in its delivery. The message is somewhat reversed because it states that the company’s service is no longer available to new users. Naturally, the mind is left to wonder about the implications of this statement. Is it possible that current users can retain the privilege of using their accounts? Looking to the fact that nearly twenty online casinos still use their service, the answer is yes. The good people of Pugglepay also state that there is a new and better service by the name of Zimpler. One of the first lessons of Business and Marketing 101 is to never advertise for the competition. But the overtone of the announcement is not celebratory. The wording of the information is just vague enough to cause confusion while informing the public. Who can say what is next for this organisation?

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