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According to sources, MultiBanco is a small interbank network that was first founded in 1985 and is currently under the ownership and controlled by Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços S.A. This company is located in Portugal that currently has a total of 11,440 ATMs available. Within 1995 the company had an estimated amount of over 3,000 atms, the number made a significant increase in the year of 2006 hitting over 11,000.


The resources state that the atms of this company are the most sufficient and fully operational atms within the entire country itself. They are much more advanced and well used than a majority of other atms that are found within the area. In the beginning, it would only offer standard atm transaction such as checking and withdrawal, however as time progressed soon enough other options were available on the atms such as show ticket sales, payments for shopping and much more.The goods and the not so goods about the companyThe atms of this organisation seem to be quite advanced with many useful and entertaining features that will greatly benefit those who have an interest in using it. Payments and checks will be easy enough to process, and it is stated that over dozens of new services are available on the atms. Many will get their full use from using these devices and will not be disappointed. There are however a few minor flaws with these atms. They are only available in Portugal and don't seem to be going on a global spree or show any indications of it. There are currently only 27 members of the organisation, so customer service may be a bit hard to contact if you are in the area. This is a good opportunity for those close within the area.

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