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With the ever-changing business world, a typical bank account cannot handle the pressure of numerous activities at once. For a long time, banks have been restrictive of what people can do with their accounts, and this has been a drawback to business people. What if there was a bank account that can do multiple activities at once? Well, this is no longer a fantasy for citizens of Czech Republic and Slovakia because they enjoy such services through Ekonto. Established in 2008, Ekonto is an online banking system accessible through Raiffeisen Bank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


This payment tool has proved to be remarkable and is one of the most popular payment methods in these countries. What makes Ekonto unique? This payment system is exceptional because clients can access multiple services at once these services include current count, online shopping, direct banking and debit card. Additionally, the system is based on real-time money transfers, and transactions are processed quickly. Online shoppers and gamblers prefer using the system because one can never spend more than the loaded amount. The system also offers other services that help clients to access and manage their financial details quickly. What about their client’s safety? Raiffeisen Bank has invested a lot in this payment tool and has installed secure measures that ensure transactions are risk-free and not prone to fraud. Moreover, client’s information is always confidential as all payments are completely anonymous. Ekonto is convenient because it is flexible and customers do not need to worry about filling in the wrong information when they are making transactions. Additionally, unlike other payment tools that take days to process Ekonto takes a day or less. It’s obvious the Ekonto is a revolutionary system, but there are some limits in this system. Foremost, the system is only available to those who have a bank account in Raiffeisen, and this has been a challenge. The bank should remove these drawbacks to accommodate everyone because Ekonto is an excellent payment system.

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