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Ecopayz is an online way in which a person can make money transactions. Founded back in the year 2000 Ecopays makes it possible for individuals and businesses to securely do money transactions online all over the world in 159 countries, using 45 different currencies.


Ecopayz is known for one of their main ways of doing transactions which is their prepaid debit card that is the companies own version of a Mastercard based on the customers own money and not accumulating any debt. This card known as the Ecocard remains one of the companies main sources for money transactions. However, over the years other ways to transfer currency has been added to Ecopayz as well including the EcoVirtualcard which is basically a virtual version of a Master card online. Both of these cards were made possible by a partnership that Ecopayz entered into with the Master Card brand.So, how good is Ecopayz and is it recommended that someone use this company as oppose to others were their online and prepaid transactions. Here are the pros and cons of Ecopayz:Pros: Ecopayz is easy to sign up for. They give their customers straight basic forms to fill out. The cards are convenient to use and can be used in many areas of the world. It also offers a secure platform in which to do money transactions.Cons: Some of the information they request including a money source such as bank account information could be hard to turn over especially online. Another drawback is there are many fees involved in transactions some steeper than others, so it would be important to understand each of these as they apply to the transactions the customer wishes to do.In short like anything Ecopayz isn't perfect, but it does offer something that is hard to find. That is a way to do money transactions in various currencies all over the world. Some online platforms don't offer this. So, in closing Ecopayz could be worth doing more research on especially if a person or business wishes to be able to transfer money to various places in the world.

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