Play Online Casino with New Zeeland Dollar

New Zealand has introduced its currency and utilised it for some time now. That has helped the small nation become a worldwide economic power in its right. Surprisingly, the New Zealand dollar is a worthwhile investment for the nation. It is currently worth the equivalent of 0.69 USD in trade value. Expect other countries to take note and start using the currency in transactions. That will boost the profile of the New Zealand dollar.


Both paper money and coins were introduced for the New Zealand Dollar. Coins increase by increments of 10 cents and 20 cents. Smaller value coins were discontinued because of inflation rates. They also feature national symbols, including the popular Kiwi bird. Track the historical exchange rate of the New Zealand Dollar against other currencies. Its value against the British Pound is a popular comparison. The New Zealand Dollar was originally introduced in 1967 for citizens. As of 2013, it represented 2% of the global currency market.Neighbouring countries have chosen to use the New Zealand Dollar as well. Notably, the Cook Islands and Niue are using the currency among their citizenry. That has contributed to the popularity of coins during their use. As a result, the New Zealand Dollar has increased in value. Speculators have even commented that rapid value increase was the reason for inflation. Economists are hoping that the currency maintains its value.There are currently ten denominations for the New Zealand dollar. That includes five distinct coins and five different dollar notes. Paper money has seen wide circulation within the citizenry. Sir Edmund Hillary, Kate Shepherd and Queen Elizabeth II appear on these notes. That has added to the popularity of the currency across the country. It is representative of the nation's history and cultural legacy up until they were released.

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