Play Online Casino with Croatian Kunas

The people of the country of Croatia use the currency known as the karma. The Croatian National Bank issues this form of currency, and the Croatian Monetary Institute makes the coins. The meaning of the word kuna means marten in Croatian. A man was a pelt that was used since medieval time as a form of trading.


The kuna was first used in 1994 and replaced the Croatian dinar. The currency was changed duet o the changing exchange rates. The kuna was designed after the German mark currency. The kuna is still used in Croatia but is slowly being replaced with the Euro which is also accepted in this country. The kuna comes in denominations 1,2,5 and 25. There are two versions of the coins that are used. One has the name of a plant or an animal on it, and the other has the name Croatia in Latin. The Latin coins are issues only on even years. The coins that are marked with 1 or 2 are not used often since they have a very low value. The productions on these coins were stopped in 2009. While the National Bank is no longer minting these coins, they are still used as a form of currency. The paper kunas features popular figures in Croatian history. The kuna 5 note is also no longer commonly used but is still accepted as a legal form of currency. The kuna has some attractive designs and has undergone some changes over the years. Even though the Euro is becoming more and more popular, the kuna is still accepted as a form of currency in this country.

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