Best Online Casinos in Thailand

Thailand is probably best known in the Western world for its city Bangkok. Currently, all forms of gambling in this South-east Asian country are illegal with the exception of the state lottery and horse racing. That said, gambling industry in Thailand is flourishing, and there are so many underground gambling dens. The locals remain active gamblers, and they are taking advantage of the few brick-and-mortar and online gambling sites. However, this is risky. First, they risk being caught for breaking the law, and the other is that there is no player protection, so they have nothing to do if the casinos don’t pay. Some Thai players cross the border to neighbouring countries like Cambodia and Myanmar to enjoy the game. This, however, doesn’t go down well with the government since it means gambling revenue is benefiting their neighbours instead of Thailand. There have been suggestions to legalise casinos within the tourist resorts, but so far nothing substantial has been done to realise this. Online gambling is not spared from the prohibition either. The government has shown no interest in regulating any form of online gambling be it Thailand-based or foreign-owned sites simply because gambling is illegal in Thailand. Even though Thai-based online casinos do not exist, the government has done little to put in place measure to stop the players from using foreign-based online casinos. Many online casinos happily accept Thai players. Even though these sites do not offer the casino services in the Thai language, they offer the best chances for Thai players to play casino online. The government, through the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, has constantly been monitoring foreign-based sites but it seems the effort hasn’t achieved the desired result. It has also tried to organise national lottery regulated by the Government Lottery Office with the intent of driving out the underground gambling activities. This too has had its fair share of challenges; it has been linked to corruption. So, the future of gambling industry in Thailand is still unclear.
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