Best Online Casinos in Spain

Spain is a country in Western Europe that has always taken a relaxed approach to gambling. Today, Spain is one of the top countries in Europe who take the leadership role with regards to gambling legislation and reforms, online gambling included. That is why gamblers in Spain spend as twice as much as their counterpart in the UK. Initially, casinos were not legalised to operate in Spain. It was until 1977 that the first brick-and-mortar casinos were legalised and since then the country has relaxed laws on gambling. Before this, only state-run lotteries were the one running the show. Since the legalisation, casinos became popular throughout the main cities in the country. In June 2012, the Spanish government finally allowed online betting by introducing legislations that govern the new industry. The new changes shook up the industry with the brick-and-mortar casinos undergoing painful revolutions. This also opened the door for dozens of companies to launched new dot-es casinos which are now driving the casino market. Further development saw Spanish online casinos allowed to offer other games like poker, roulette, bingo, baccarat, and blackjack that were previously restricted to brick-and-motor casinos. Apart from local sites, there are also other foreign online casinos that have been granted licenses, and they are quite popular with the locals. Spanish online casinos are now spread throughout the country. There are over 250 of them that offer different games. Spanish online players fund their accounts using credit cards, Teleingreso, debit cards and Moneybookers. Given that there is no restriction on the slots market today, many large internationals operators are entering the market so that Spanish players will be spoilt for choices. This new development put players at advantage position since there is a likelihood of increased competition as operators jostle for customers. This will also boost gambling revenue that the government collects.
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