Best Online Casinos in Portugal

Portugal gambling market is considered promising because of the relaxed laws when compared to other European nations. All forms of gambling are currently legal in Portugal. This is not restricted to casinos alone but also lottery and betting. The body responsible for gambling regulations, the Gaming Inspection (Inspeção de Jogos), has legalised both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. The most common forms of gambling games are mainly lottery, casinos games, and sports betting. In February 2015, the Council of Ministers passed a billed aimed at regulating online gambling in the country. This was eventually launched in June 2015. These laws are strict and based on European standards, which allow for a liberalised market. The law legalised online casino gaming and slots but only through government-approved websites. Currently, there are over 5000 approved websites and kiosks that Portuguese players can bet. The government introduced new tax through the law, which is 15% of the gross revenue for operators with annual revenue lower than EUR 5 million and additional 3% for every EUR 1 million above the EUR 5 million. This tax applies to all online gambling, which casinos are included. Before the introduction of the bill, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) was the only entity given exclusive rights to offer gambling games. The government attempted to block out foreign online gaming websites. Unfortunately, it became difficult to enforce. Many operators in the country believed that the driving force behind the new laws was to raise government revenue through taxation. In the wake of the new changes, some of the major operators in the country pulled out citing higher taxation. Operators like Amaya, William Hill, and PDR all pull out at once. On the positive side, however, the new laws made Portugal very open to gambling and players now have access to a huge variety of online casinos as well as slot machines.
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