Best Casinos in Lithuania

Presently, gambling in Lithuania is legalised after the Gaming Regulation of 2001, and from 2016, all foreign websites interested in running gambling operations in the currently were supposed to acquire licenses, physical offices or to engage in partnership with local land-based gambling operators. Applications of a permit are locally applied by the Gaming Control Authority – GCA whereby the new rules took effect from the beginning of January 2016. With the legalization of Lithuania gambling, there rose several establishments in the entire country providing the most typical games such as slots, blackjack, poker and roulette. With acquiring of gambling license, online casinos are legalised and still thriving. Casinos Bigger brand casinos commonly populate Lithuania with it being surrounded by countries such as Latvia and Estonia. Its adjacent country Estonia has been witnessing an influx of the Olympic brand of casinos with the trend also being viewed in Lithuania. Currently, the brand of Olympic Casino is the Lithuania’s strongest with its activities run in six cities. Kaunas was the initial location of the casino, but now the brands are found in Vilnius and different other Cities. Vilnius is the Lithuania’s capital and holds the biggest contingent of the country’s casinos. More than 30 of the casinos are at Vilnius and among them are the major three brands. Gambling The Eastern Europe country has its legal gambling with the activity taking place in over 14 cities while Lithuania in total has 63 facilities of legal gambling available. The gambling types in Lithuania include sports betting parlours and casinos. In Lithuania, the new gaming regulation also requires providers in online gambling to start a minimum number of brick-and-mortar gambling establishments before given the license to run online gambling websites. So far, the gambling establishments can offer bonuses and gifts to players with the aim of motivating them to continue in gambling.
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