Best Online Casinos In Korea

Korean Casinos - Technologically AdvancedSouth Korea is more well known for its fighting relationship with the neighbours to the north. But the fact remains that when it comes to online gambling, it's second only to Japan when it comes to technological advancement. Even though online gambling is illegal and heavily targeted by the government, the citizens in South Korea have cleverly been able to circumvent that headache by using other operators license in other countries. Ergo, despite these firm restrictions, patrons have been able to sign up at websites such as Ladbrokes and 888, both who accept Korean players. How can they do this, you may ask? Well, these two areas fall outside the jurisdiction of South Korean law.Legal Or Illegal - Both!If you know where to look, and most Korean gamblers do, many companies within the confines of South Korea will still put together an illegal sports betting and casino operation online. This doesn't sit well with the South Korean government since they recently estimated that gambling as a whole, is worth USS66billion. That said, the raids on these illegal online companies will continue. Despite the government's "strong-arm" approach, there has been some progress by the Korean government to relax the online gambling laws. To prove they were sincere, in 2012 the government was the host of a major high-stakes poker tournament in Seoul, the capital of Korea that was quite successful.Note: The future of gambling in South Korea is still nothing to write home about. The Korean government wants to keep its fingers in the money pie and keep the larger percentage of the gambling profits. However, to prevent the criminal aspect of gambling from getting a firm hold on online and other gambling types, the government will still have to bend laws.
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