Best Online Casinos in Italy

It is said that Italians enjoy gambling. Online casinos is a somewhat new experience for Italians. For many years, they were prohibited from doing any types of gambling, including lotteries. The law on Italian gambling was once one of the most conventional of anywhere else. There has been new legislation that has made online casino gambling and other types of gambling legal now. Since 2006 they have very much so become more lenient when it comes to their gaming regulations. They have a very large amount of laws that make up their national gambling legislation package. Under these laws, they have the only power that can grant the licenses that are needed for gambling. In 2011, the government passed a bill that would legalise online casino and poker games only if they play by the Italian gambling law. With this law, you are only allowed to make a buy-in of €250. There is another critical gambling law that the online gambling sites have to abide by which is that all of their games have to give back at least 90% of the money made back to the players. Today there are only a small number of casinos in Italy. There is a lot of competition in this country between online gambling sites, so that means that there is a lot of great choices when you do online gamble including:
  • An excellent choice of games.
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Loyalty Programs
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