Best Online Casinos in Greece

Greece is a southern Europe country with a rich history of early civilization and great scientists. The country is composed of numerous islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas .visitors and natives are awed by its many beaches and sea life. The capital city, Athens, has many betting and gambling sites, defying the government's stand of illegalizing the practice.The government of Greece has been fumbling with the Greeks gambling enthusiasts on their inherent right to bet. Legislations have been set to legalize betting, only to end up being scrapped. In spite of this uncertain playing environment, the Greece people have been defiant, and it's estimated that the government lost a whopping €5bn on illegal betting sites in 2014 alone.This figure point to a betting nation denied their right to wager. The Greeks have turned to online gaming that has evaded the government's scrutiny till it makes the awaited legalising legislation.These are some of the online games enjoyed by the citizen of this nation:Bet Rebels This betting site displays a set of games for the day. Players predict on the possibility of either team winning. One can predict a win, draw or a loss. Once the game is over, and predictions are right, bettors are awarded as per the betting amount.Vista bet Vista bet is a virtual game where players bet for possible outcomes. This site is particularly famous for its quick results and winnings. The site has many games, and bettors choose their favourite sport.My bet The above is perhaps the site with most betting fanatics. My bet is where you play and win online. This site is both enjoyable and has high rewards. It has numerous games to suit your ego and those of your playmates.
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