Best Online Casinos in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, gambling is legalised in its entire variations with the State Commission on Gambling controlling all practices of gambling sector in the country. The Bulgarian Gambling Act is the new official document making gambling legal in Bulgaria, whereby the document came into force on January 1st, 2017. Online Gambling The 2014 gambling act was the first to make all types of online gambling practices in the country legal. From January 2017, Bulgaria witnessed several gambling sites offering online casinos and online sportsbooks with the most familiar brands on the scene being bet365, Betfair, Bwin and Pokerstars. The beginning of the year 2017 saw 12 casinos being launched in Bulgaria with at least six of them being situated in the capital Sofia. The most well-known in the country is the Sofia Princess Casino with over 200 slot machines and 30 table games that incorporate a combination of Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold’em, American Roulette and Baccarat. The casino also provides a unique VIP room for high activity guests. Online Casinos From early 2008, Bulgaria online gambling was made entirely legal although it is taxed and regulated. While from January 2017, numerous sites were started and where residents in Bulgaria played online casino games with the most familiar for video slot games being and The site provides live casino games including the chance to play roulette and blackjack while the is the most common site in Mobile Casinos In Bulgaria, mobile penetration is high and normally at 148%. Even though Bulgaria is not the richest country in the region, gambling has been growing at a high pace. Every year, there are several issued permits to start new casino businesses which add to an increase of the players too. The current laws favour the growth of casino in the country with the Bulgaria casinos mainly attracting players from Arabic, Israel and Russia countries.
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