Best Online Casinos in Australia

Australia has a very large amount of online casinos. Since 1901, the Australian government has allowed and even helped promote almost all the types of gambling you are able to do. Today in Australia gambling has become an essential part of what the country does. You are able to do pretty much any type of gambling you would like to here. In the 1990's when computer technology got to the point of online gambling, they were not very interested in the idea at first. They were worried that they would actually lose money by allowing it. Once The Interactive Gambling Act was made in 2001, they were much more okay with it because this act spells out what is and what is not allowed with the online gambling. And now the country is doing very well economically, and their casino business continues to succeed. The way they feel about gambling there pretty much is that it is fun and it is a really great way for the government to make a good amount of money.
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