XLMedia Acquires BlueClaw in Effort to Expand Transatlantic Affiliate Strategy


XLMedia experienced a strong first half to 2021, achieving significant gains across a number of sectors, including within the organization’s casino, personal finance, and sports betting holdings. For the US-based gambling affiliate firm, this exemplary market performance means full steam ahead for their growth strategies and expansion initiatives in the near future.

Not content with an impressive performance in their own domestic market, XLMedia is now looking to develop their transatlantic affiliate marketing strategy by making moves in the UK and, subsequently, the European market. The firm’s first move in this direction involves the acquisition of BlueClaw Media, a UK-based betting affiliate company acquired by XLMedia under a deal worth up to $2.5 million, spread over a series of payment phases.

Adding BlueClaw to the XLMedia Roster

Following the acquisition, there will be few changes to the structure and operation of BlueClaw. The founder and owner of the company, Fergus Clawson, will remain in his role within the company he built as BlueClaw continues its autonomous operation in the UK and European markets. BlueClaw will become a hub for XLM’s developing strategy in the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

XLMedia’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Simms, described how the acquisition comes after a long period of partnership and joint operation.

“Having worked closely with them for over 12 months, we’ve been able to experience first-hand the quality of their work and are hugely excited at the prospect of BlueClaw’s expertise being rolled out across our broader portfolio,” he said.

The CEO also discussed how BlueClaw fits into XLM’s long-term growth strategy, describing how XLMedia is committed to rebalancing and repositioning itself in new markets with “the correct skills, people and technologies” for ongoing sustainability.

Confident Moves in the Market, Both at Home and Abroad

The future certainly looks bright for XLMedia. In the six months leading up to June 2021, XLM achieved $32.2 million in sales, up from $27.7 million in the second half of 2020, a rise of 16%. This translated to a significant increase in underlying profits, which rose from $5.1 million in H2 2020 to $6.6 million in H1 2021. 

During a time in which many industries have been hit hard by uncertainty over COVID-19 and the unsteady path toward recovery, profits across a number of digital sectors have soared. Online gambling providers and affiliate platforms have weathered the storm very well indeed and have come through largely unscathed. In many cases, these firms have even added significant amounts to their annual revenue over the past couple of years.

While making such bold acquisition moves into new markets may leave some business owners in a state of anxiety, XLM’s situation is altogether different. Their market continues to go from strength to strength as burgeoning confidence and potential fuel growth in a big way. It’s no surprise that XLM has decided to make this Atlantic-spanning move now. The company’s management team, as well as that of new acquisition BlueClaw, will be anticipating continued growth and success in the future.

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