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A veteran gambler understands that the vast majority of the betting decisions they will make will be made by their perception and capacity to interface well with the betting platform they are using. The same is true when making a sporting bet, betting on a baccarat hand or even when using a slot machine.

Whether betting online or offline, a cool-minded gambler will want the security of mind to know that full control of their game and betting options can be handled expeditiously by their gaming platform or personnel. The capacity for fast action is crucial when a gambler sees their betting opportunity and decides to exploit it.

There was a time not so long ago that the individual would have to cover considerable distances to experience the thrills and excitement of the casino floor. Today, mobile technology is progressing at an unprecedented rate. The result is that all types of gaming and staking options are available to anyone at the swipe of their mobile screen.

The developers of innovative mobile applications have done an excellent job of making these games available across various devices and operating systems. While the focus has been on iOS, Android and Blackberry systems, many options exist for the Windows phone. Mobile app developers continue to increase the compatibility of their apps across platform and operating system boundaries.

Most online gambling apps do not use real money. Nevertheless, some of the most innovative mobile gambling apps to come out recently operate with real money, which certainly takes the game to the next level.

Following is an overview of the 3 most innovative mobile gaming apps available in 21017. These are developed by reputable companies and feature reliable coding and an engaging user interface. First-time gamblers looking for a good place to start lucrative online gambling adventures couldn’t go wrong with any of one of these top 3 Innovative Gambling Apps for 2017.

Ruby Fortune Mobile Casino App

Ruby Fortune first joined the online scene back in 2003. It also won the award for “Best New Online Casino” the same year. Today, almost a decade and a half have passed, and the online casino has not lost any of that original spark.

The Ruby Fortune Mobile Casino App offers the mobile user a wide selection of casino games designed for the Android, iOS, and Windows device. As a product of the reputable Microgaming software developers, this app can be expected to perform flawlessly. The entire lobby of the Ruby Fortune Casino is mobile-friendly and presents 50 different gaming options.

Like all Microgaming productions, the Ruby Fortune mobile app features sharp and crisp graphics and a fully engaging user experience. Furthermore, the controls are simple to use and responsive for maximum control. The controls can also be adjusted to the user’s precise specifications if needed.

Finally, the Ruby Fortune Mobile app is all about a fast and effective way to begin playing. Be sure to visit the site in a browser window to register and enjoy some welcome bonuses for first deposits. There is also a listing of their best slots games.

Jackpot City Mobile Casino App

There is an important advantage to skipping over the many new casinos popping up across the web and taking your gaming fun to a trustworthy option that has stood the test of time. Casinos with experience in the business have already seen it all and can be relied on by serious gamers. Jackpot City is one such mobile casino.

As its name implies, Jackpot City Mobile Casino features several hefty progressive jackpots for those who prefer playing on the convenience of their smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. There are also scores of dazzling slot machines in full HD graphics. Then gamers can thrill to some video poker games and other table games available in the Jackpot City Mobile Casino.

While Jackpot City Mobile casino may lack some sparkle found in other online casinos, they have quality graphics, sound effects, and animations that are as engaging as you find in the best online mobile casinos.

Microgaming, the premier software developers that created “Ruby Fortune Mobile Casino”, power the Jackpot City Mobile Casino. Microgaming has consistently produced superior casino software and updated their software and technology. This is why their mobile gambling apps can be relied on for flawless performance.

The Jackpot City Mobile Casino will not require you to download an app onto your mobile device, players will play from the casino location. The exact same SSL encryption technology that works to protect important financial data in all the major corporations and mobile casinos is at work at the Jackpot City Mobile Casino keeping cash secure. It is this formidable security and the millions of progressive jackpots that make Jackpot City a great place to take a chance of a lifetime.

Royal Vegas Mobile Casino App

Playing at the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino is like taking a virtual trip into the heart of the Vegas Strip. This one of a kind online casino is enough to leave the passionate gamer mesmerized and enchanted. Royal Vegas is a true leader in the casino industry. Supported by the potent Microgaming Software development company, it can expect to enjoy its privileged spot of esteem in the gambling world for a long time.

It is an intuitive approach to the favorite pastime that makes Royal Vegas Mobile Casino the mobile gambling app of choice among veteran gamers and newcomers alike. The developers covered all the bases in this production. The mobile casino is available for the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices.

No downloading will be necessary as you will do all you’re gaming and betting on the Royal Vegas Casino website (the mobile portion) accessed through your mobile device in a flash of an eye. You will find some fabulous video poker options, table games, and scores of slot machine games. All the user controls can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user.

By accessing the website version of Royal Vegas Casino, you will see which of the games are available in the mobile device portion, indicated by a phone icon under each image.

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