Stewart Lister Vickers Crowned “Best SEO Speaker” at The Affiliate Gathering 2024

  • Key takeaway one: Stewart Lister Vickers, fondly known as SEO Jesus, was honored with the “Best SEO Speaker” award at The Affiliate Gathering 2024 in York.
  • Key takeaway two: With over a decade of experience, Vickers shared advanced SEO strategies that captivated the audience.
  • Key takeaway three: Stewart’s popular YouTube channel, SEO Jesus, along with his engaging speaking style, have made him a sought-after figure in the SEO and digital marketing world.

In a world where SEO can seem like alchemy to the uninitiated, Stewart Lister Vickers, better known as SEO Jesus, serves as a guiding light. His recent accolade as the “Best SEO Speaker” at The Affiliate Gathering 2024 in York is not just a testament to his profound knowledge but also his ability to demystify the complex world of search engine optimisation in an engaging and accessible manner.

James Dooley, a notable figure in the industry, praised Vickers, stating, “Stewart Vickers is one step ahead of the competition and provides great insights for advanced SEO strategies.” This recognition comes on the heels of Stewart's extensive experience and his bestselling book, “YouTube Millionaire Mastery: The Agency and Consultant’s Guide To 7-Figure Success,” where he delves into methodologies that promise exceptional results in SEO and digital marketing.

The SEO Jesus YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 60,000 subscribers and 50,000 monthly viewers, exemplifies Stewart's knack for engaging content. His approachable demeanor and practical tips have made SEO accessible to a broad audience, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Following his triumph at The Affiliate Gathering, Stewart shared the stage with industry giants like Daniel Priestly and Wim Hoff at Expert Empires in London, speaking to an audience of 1,000 business owners. His presentations, tailored for each event, focus on breaking down complex SEO concepts into actionable strategies, empowering attendees to apply these insights immediately.

Stewart's diverse topics cover the spectrum of SEO and digital marketing, from white hat and black hat link building to YouTube SEO and running a successful 7-figure agency. His sessions are interactive, featuring real-life examples, polls, and Q&A sessions, making SEO not just understandable but also engaging.

For businesses looking to harness the power of YouTube for growth, pivot affiliate sites, or simply grasp the fundamentals of effective SEO, Stewart Lister Vickers offers a beacon of knowledge. His commitment to demystifying SEO and providing practical, results-driven advice has solidified his status as an invaluable resource in the digital marketing sphere.

To discover more about SEO Jesus and Stewart Lister Vickers’ contributions to SEO and digital marketing, or to invite him to your next event, visit SEO Jesus.

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