Cash-back Bonus

What is a Cash Back Bonus at an Online Casino?

Cash Back Bonuses are cash back on total bets or cash back on losses. These are bonuses which the online casinos provide either when the players’ total bets reach a certain level or when they’ve lost a certain amount of money. Sometimes Total Bet and Loss Cash Back Bonuses show up in players’ accounts even when no one asks for them. Casinos have systems which carefully monitor a player’s activity, how often they play and how much they bet. This information is used to decide how much of a Cash Back Bonus to offer to keep players playing.

Cash Back Bonuses can be a fun addition to the experience of playing in online casinos. Players just need to remember that they are a tool which casinos use to make gambling online more appealing.
Online Casinos use Cash Back Bonuses to entice new players to their sites and to encourage existing customers to keep playing. Cash Back Bonuses aren’t real cash. Players get additional funds when they deposit into their casino accounts but those additional funds can’t be withdrawn. They can only be used to play the casino’s online games.

There are several different types of Cash Back Bonuses. The first type a player will encounter is the Welcome Bonus. This bonus is an increase in the amount of money that a player has to play with. For instance, a player might get a $500.00 bonus in his account if she deposits $500.00 of her own cash. Another type of Cash Back Bonus is the Reload Bonus. Players will receive this bonus when they deposit more money in their online casino account after playing for awhile. Casino’s use this bonus to make sure that players keep on playing.